Tuesday, April 11, 2023

J1 Studios Releases Limited Edition Elite Coins. But is it worth the price?

That's correct you read it right J1 Studios just released the Limited and I mean Limited Edition Elite Coin granting its wielder free VIP access to every J1-Con for LIFE you and a friend. Along with a bunch of other benefits, everything you get is down below so I'm not going to go into detail here. But it has a limited-time price tag of $500 that's going to go up any moment. So without further ado read below and run not walk to grab the last 3 coins before the price goes up. Is this something we can see more cons doing? As a frequent person that goes as many cons as possible, this could be a good thing to skip the long line as a V.I.P 


FREE VIP access to EVERY J1-CON! You are allowed (1) guest. 

If you want to be a VENDOR at J1-CON, you get 20% OFF of your vendor purchase. For example, 6O table space goes from $200 to $180; the 10x10 area goes from $500 to  $400 

Any J1 STUDIOS event that has a fee is FREE for you. You are allowed (1) guest. If J1 STUDIOS has a TABLE or BOOTH at other events (including other conven]ons), there will be a FREE item there waiting for you. It could be a poster, s]ckers, etc. YOUR NAME will be put in a DATABASE as well as a LEDGER, so YOU CANNOT HAND IT  OFF TO SOMEONE ELSE TO USE IN YOUR PLACE.  

o So even if someone finds a way to duplicate the coin, if they are not in the  DATABASE as well as the LEDGER, they are denied access. 

If at any ]me you want to TRANSFER THE COIN to someone else, WE MUST BE  CONTACTED. Then we will send you a request for specific information to make it official.  o Once that happens, the previous owner will be kept in the DATABASE as well as a  LEDGER as a FORMER ELITE, so you will NOT be allowed to GET THE COIN BACK.  o TO BECOME AN ELITE MEMBER AGAIN, YOU WOULD HAVE TO PURCHASE A NEW  COIN (if available) 

If J1-CON is NO LONGER in existence, and J1 STUDIOS is at another event, you can get  20% OFF of everything at the table.  

COST FOR THE FIRST (5) J1 STUDIOS LIMITED EDITION ELITE COIN: $500 After the (5) are gone, IF we make ANOTHER (5), the cost will go up, making the VALUE  of ALL the coins go up.  


To purchase the J1 STUDIOS LIMITED EDITION ELITE COIN, email jasonj1studios@gmail.com with “J1 STUDIOS LIMITED EDITION ELITE COIN” as the subject header.


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