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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Gues who's back? Back again!

By Corey Floyd

Title: horizontal line

Chucky’s back tell a friend. Breaking news the other day announcement that another installment to the Chucky franchise will begin shooting before the month is out. If you guys recall back in the fall of 2013 Curse of Chucky came out straight to DVD and reviews were actually good as well as sales, but then again you release a horror DVD in October it was kind of inevitable.  The film's title will be CULT OF CHUCKY it will be a direct sequel from the last installment which raises some eyebrows cause it seems like at the end of that movie Chucky actually won and was taking the soul of a young girl.  Well, I’m going to trust Don Mancini since he was one of the original writers for the first installment and he was behind the most recent installment as well but this time he is also taking the director's chair.  Of course, they have Brad Dourif returning as the voice of Chucky and Jennifer Tilly returns as Tiffany. If you watched Curse of Chucky you will remember Alice played by Summer H. Howell she returns this time she is serving time in a mental hospital from what happened in the film before. I don’t wanna give away too much plot but I will say this. Andy Berkley is back the original kid he was after returns to the franchise, played by Alex Vincent reprising the role he hasn't played since 1990. I’m excited the movie plans on being out by fall so keep your eyes open for your friend till the end.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

CES 2017

CES 2017
By Corey Floyd
Title: horizontal line

The 2017 CES trade show has just wrapped up in Nevada. There are a few things I fell in love with and hopefully, you will too. I wanted to point out just a few things from a few categories that you need to keep your eye out on. Some of these are not on the market yet and some are so I will tell ya the prices if I have it.

Meet Project Valerie from Razer. The answer to how to make immersive gaming portable. This had a triple screen that comes out of the main screen that displays in amazing 4k. Each screen is 17.3 inches!! The Nerdgasm is so strong. There’s no price tag on it yet but expects it to be in the 5-figure range. I mean imagine it I saw a video of someone actually playing TitanFall 2 on it. It looks amazing this will be the superior gaming laptop of tomorrow.

What I’m showing you right here believe it or not are televisions. From LG the W7 is a 77-inch television with a wallpaper design meaning that this TV is only 2.5 millimeters thick. Let that sink in I’ll wait. It's incredibly light at 18 pounds and has magnets so you can attach it to the wall without and visible pieces sticking out. It comes equipped with a Dolby ATMOS sound bar. And yes this will be in 4000K. All I know is they have a 65 inch one available for $8000. 

Meet Arianna a new concept project from Razer. It is designed to enhance your PC gaming experience without the typical VR headset. An ultra-wide 155 degrees fish-lens and a pair of 3D sensing cameras to surround the room within game footage as well as lights and sounds like the weather in the game to completely submerge a player. There was tech like this at the 2013 CES from Microsoft but they have abandoned the project since. Price and release TBD.

Finally, we have serious competition for Tesla meet the FF91 from Faraday. It goes from 0 - 60 in 2.3 seconds that faster than any other electric on the market. It can also drive up to 700 kilometers (434 miles) on a single charge. Not only can the car drive itself it can also find a parking space and park itself. There’s no price on this beauty but it will be out by 2018.  Of course, there are many other products from the conference these are just what got my attention and now they have yours too. 

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