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Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Rapper turned Superhero: DMC

I am the King Of Rock, Hip Hop, and now Comics. DMC one half of the legendary rap group Run-DMC is coming out swinging. He no longer goes by the moniker Devastating Mic Controller even though he still has those skills. He as a new secret identity now its Darryl Makes Comics.  

A few weeks ago at keystone Comic-Con, we had the chance to sit and talk to the legend himself about his love for comics and his new publishing house Darryl Makes Comics. The flagship comic of that house is his own personal comic DMC. His comics were almost completely sold out in Philly. I was able to grab the second issue, I ordered more from amalgam Comics and am waiting patiently for the awesome to arrive. The issue I have is super dope, but before I get into my review I would like to share the reason why DMC delved into the comic book world.
"I started off loving DC COMICS but was a fan of what Stan Lee was doing over at Marvel. Because he was basing all his heroes out of New York so I identified myself more with Peter Parker, Incredible Hulk, The Fantastic Four all of those guys because they were from the same neighborhood as me."

It opens up as most superhero comics do with the world fawning over the heroes but in this case, they praising the wrong heroes because across town the real hero to the people is actually putting in the work. You see cameras and flashing lights over the model heroes the big three. Spelle former supermodel turned hero whit mystical powers. Iron Eagle decorated veteran with tactical skills. Then its the leader Helios OP superhero jerk with a dark secret and power he doesn't fully understand. They're like if the other big three was all about the money because they are corporately back and probably owned by Billionaire Stanley Staxworth to protect justice and the American way. But across town, a couple is getting robbed until a masked man drops in and saves the day. After he dispatches the bad guys he notices Helios zipping across the sky and follows him to an apartment building that he sets on fire DMC rushes in to save a kid from disaster. 

The next morning DMC finds out its a new drug on the street that gives people powers and somehow the heroes are involved. While investigating he goes into a club that is a hot spot the drugs are sold out of. He runs into the group of thugs from earlier and gets a taste of powerful the drug makes people. The gang gets revenge by giving DMC the same beating he a previously given them. Helios also shows up and set the club on fire which gives DMC a chance to escape. Which ensues is the mission of who is creating this powerful and dangerous drug and how are the heroes involved. To do this DMC gets a sidekick and goes out to save NYC.

First off this is not a 24-page comic this a beautiful graphic novel. The team over at DMC brought in an amazing group of artists and writers to make this come together. Who can tell some of the art styles if you're a fan of the people like 
Humberto Ramos who is an artist for marvel he worked on the Runaways, The Amazing and Spectacular Spiderman
Amy Chu who write for the DC Poison Ivy series

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