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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Comic Boss Interviews ~ Kiru Comics

Tell us about K.I.R.U Comics and what Kiru stands for?

Kiru comics is an independent brand that creates and promotes original, multicultural and socially responsible titles.
KIRU stands for Knowledge, Imagination, Responsibility, and Understanding... these are values we try to keep in mind in everything we do, each of our projects has some aspects of these 4 values in them.

I've become a fan of the Almier series tell us about that?

Ah I'm glad you like our work. Almier is a manga project that I've (Hameed Catel) been working on for a while; The Almier are a supernatural people with intentions to put their powers to political use and make the world a better place however they have to overcome a lot of obstacles to do so. It's a big story with multiple characters that takes readers on fantastical adventures around the world whilst at the same time acting as a reflection of our world. 
I wasn't sure how well it would be perceived by the people which is why I used the first season as a tester, to gauge the reception. It seems like people resonate more with Hakim's story so we'll probably focus a lot more on that going forwards.

What is an Almier?
An Almier is simply an individual with stronger than average will power; able to use the power of their soul (a.k.a the flame) to do incredible things. There are two general distinctions to the Almier, the realists who are able to enhance their physical attributes with the flame and the dreamers; who are able to do the unthinkable.

Tell me more about the main character Hakim? 

Hakim is a hyperactive young teenager of African descent living in London. He's mischievous and loves to be a clown but can also have very deep insights into simple things around him.  He gets dragged into this world of big decisions and bigger egos. I think people like him the most because he's quite relatable and although he is flawed in many ways, he has a good heart and tends to listen to it most of the time. 

What other characters should people look out for?

Well like I said, going forwards we will be focusing more on the London story line because that's what people seem to resonate more with. So in that respect look out for the characters such as  Sebastian, Michael Richardson (the bank hero), Dr. David and definitely watch out for the return of the mandem. 

You have a go fund me account for the second season what can we expect in the second season?

In the second season, you can expect a more action packed and character orientated story. Things will escalate a very quickly and you will see another side to Hakim, one that you haven't seen before. Also, we will be showing more of the other side meaning Dr. David and the Visionaries as well as Jospeh Reznick and his "Counter Strike Programme" initiative.

Hope I've answered the questions to your liking. If you need anything else, don't hesitate to get in touch.

Hameed Catel (Founder) 

Admin Team


Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Spider-Man Review Vlog (more spoilers)

Spider-man is HOME!! (review/ spoilers ahead)

By Corey Floyd

giphy (2).gif

Spiderman Homecoming is the third reboot of this comic Icon.  The Amazing Spider-Man wasn’t a good enough run to continue so Sony thought “third time's the charm” but the MCU stepped in and said we want Spider-man too. That's when one of the most interesting deals was made. Spider-man gets to be part of the MCU and Spider-man movies get co-produced and financed by Marvel. This also meant it's time for another Spider-Man casting. This time they made the smartest move ever. They hired a teen to play a teen. United Kingdom actor Tom Holland is our friendly neighborhood Spider-man. He made his debut in Captain America: Civil War.Related image With just about 15 minutes of screen time, he won over millions. But can he hold his own in a Spider-man movie? That’s where we find Spider-man: Homecoming, a continuation from the last time we saw him from Civil War.

This was a very different Spider- man this time around. It was a coming of age story about a boy who happened to have super powers. If you're old enough to remember John Hughes movies The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink etc it gives you a lot of those vibes they even make fun of it in the film by showing a scene from FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF. Great chemistry between all the kids in this film especially Ned played by Jacob Batalon. This kid is hilarious every time he’s on screen. The chemistry between Holland and Zendaya (MJ) are hilarious plus we get a different MJ that possesses something that Kirsten Dunst version didn’t ….a Related imagepersonality.  Related image
The bad guy in this one is the Vulture. They took this character in a different direction from the comic but it was for the better. In the comic Adrian Toomes was a Bald old man who looked a lot like Mr. Burns from the Simpsons. He had a green flight outfit that gave him the power to steal youth from people and make himself younger. It was absurd then and it’s absurd now, instead, the backstory to this man is more relatable. Toomes who is played by Michael Keaton (The real BATMAN) who’s business was cleaning up New York of all the rubble from the Chitari invasion from The Avengers. Sadly he lost his job because Stark has created DAMAGE CONTROL a team who is in charge of handle all messes created by heroes and villains. Once again Stark makes a new enemy know Toomes becomes an illegal alien weapons manufacture. Michael Keaton's performance is just as relatable as it is menacing. There’s a scene where Toomes and Parker both realize that they know each other alias while in a car taking his daughter to the dance and it is tense moment can’t even laugh at it.    Image result for tobey maguire spiderman vs andrew garfield spiderman , tomholland
Okay, let’s get real and talk about the difference between these guys. I decided to look at this a little differently. I looked at the world we lived in at the time of each Spider-man. In Sam Raimi’s Spider-man came out in May of 02. The climate in America was very different post 911. It was reflected in the movie as well. Spider-Man was very “Gung Ho” when it came to his response to action no time was taken to understand or even talk about the situation. Puch first asks questions later which was how a country responded at the time. But when you had a terrorist like the Green Goblin who literally held a trolley cart of kids hostage eliminating any redeemable qualities from the character. In the film, they even give a with us or against us stand on situations. Take a look at the reboot with Andrew Garfield that gave us a more negotiation style Spider-man.They also don’t bring up the poverty of the Parker family in this reboot. I  assume since it was a few years after the housing market collapse they choose not to reopen real world wounds. In both of Garfield's movie, we have bad guys who are somewhat relatable and have redeemable qualities. Dr. Conners just want to heal his hand, Electro wanted a friend, and the “goblin” wanted Spider-man's blood to help find a cure for a disease. Now in the new Spider-man, we have a new ideology that cannot be found in the either two and that is diversity and a larger world. In this world we have the MCU, Spider-Man is not the center of this universe.  That’s one of the main points of the movie. Every other film has been on a worldly scale and when we meet this new Spider-man he is just trying to figure out himself. That’s why we have a very diverse group of people in this movie based on a comic booked that was at one point was whiter than a rabbit in a snowstorm. The movie even plays with that concept when we see Peter going to pick up his date a black girl named Liz we never thought about the idea that her dad is The Vulture.   
Related image
RDJ gives more of the same Tony Stark we love but we also see him trying to be a mentor. We see that after the Civil War he takes things more seriously. He gives a great power , great responsibility but not in the same way that would be cheesy. Also, we see Happy Hogan return in this movie as well as a big surprise of Pepper Pots. This need to be a home run because If this movie does as well as I think it should maybe ……….just maybe Fox will reconsider the same deal offered to them some X-men and Fantastic Four. The Saltytruth of it all is this the movie wasn’t called homecoming because of the dance in the third act. It’s because Spider-man is Home with the MCU and we need to complete this reunion so get off ya buts and get to the theaters. Related image

That’s enough out of me. Don’t forget to check out our Amerime Junkies podcast from wherever you listen to them from. Also, we will be giving away a copy of Destiny 2. How?! Well, be sure to follow us on all platforms and stay tuned.Related image

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