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A New Def Jam game maybe? Roster Ideas by Corey Floyd

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over the past month or so DefJam has been throwing some hints that they might make another fighting game. About two console generations ago (ps2, Xbox, GC) there was a game from EA BIG called Def Jam Vendetta. It was a wrestling style game but with hip-hop artists. DMX would literally kick your ass. Redman & Method Man was the best (and still are) tag team ever. It was a hit !! The follow-up fight for NY was a great sequel with even more artists in fighting form. Then the third one was garbage, hot garbage simmering in garbage juice. It bombed hard. Now it looks like we might get another. Bosslogic even came up with a title. Today I'm gonna come up with who should be in it. Some old, some new, some more gals, and some new dudes.

1. Missy Elliot Missy Elliot has been in the game for a long time. Somehow despite all of her hits, she has never been given the title of queen of hip-hop. In the game, she could be the queen of mean. Give her a footing style that matches her out of this world style and she would be a great character.

2. Andre 3000  Outlast frontman has borrowed his face and voice to many ventures. From a musical cartoon of his own creation to action drama with Mark Wahlberg. I think I would be cool to see him in a fighting game. I have to admit I can't see him fighting tho. Maybe in the character customization, he runs a store where you can buy fresh gear. But hey in one of the last Games Flava Flav even had hands so you never know.

3. Cardi B She is one of the hottest artists in the game right now it would be idiotic not to have her in a game. With her funny personality and sounds effects alone I am sold. Would her finisher involve twerking? Probably oookurrrr!!!

4. lil Yachty I know the hip-hop community does like him. But he showing improvement as an artist and admits that his music doesn't have to make sense. Out of all the mumble rappers, he also taking it to the bank with sponsors and cameos. might as well throw him in the game.

5. DJ Khaled Congratulations you played yourself. Imagine him kicking you ads and that's what he says to you after. I'm sold. I would even settle for him as just an announcer in the game but I need him in the game.

6. Kendrick Lamar Nuff said.

7. Chris Brown, every game needs a villain or two. Ironically he has shown us that he has the moves to be in a fighting game in real life so might as well make him a character. Yes, I said villain. I call em like I see em. Besides I remember when he was supposed to fight soldier boy and backed out after Chris did a video showing him do all those flips. lol

8. Nicki Minaj  If Cardi B gonna be here damn it gotta have Nicki. Of course, she has to play a villain with multiple voices or split personality. Not like doing voice work would be new to her. When will she return to Steven Universe?

9. Takashi 69 Imma keep it 100 has only gonna be in training so you can kick his ads for hours on end.

10. lil Uzi vert Our resident goth of hip-hop. I didn't wanna have meek and Uzi so I chose Uzi. He a lot more interesting and has taken as many L’s. Besides, I think it would be cool to show a lil Blonde Gang love. He must keep the trip pants. Shout out to Bok Nero. as his tag team partner.

11.  Chance the Rapper
Your rappers favorite rapper is now your fighters favorite fighter.

12. Eminem, he's like a mini-boss battle right before a boss battle with a villain.

13.The Fresh Prince not old head Will Smith
If you make a villain he will be the mini-boss for those fights.

14. Kanye West  He's your friend in the game ends up being your greatest enemy. The game's story will go along a path of yall working side by side as fighters and rappers. But one day Kanye starts feeling himself thinks your standing in his way and now he trying to bring you down.
Okay, Y'all that's my list here are some honorable mentions.  Both.

Please, this is up for discussion I want to hear feedback feel free to comment. Don't forget to checkout our latest podcast. See ya!!!


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