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Saturday, June 17, 2017

The Fight Continues, Injustice 2 Review

By Luiggi Cavanna

From the NetherRealm Studios, the same people that brought us the Mortal Kombat series, we have a sequel to the DC fighting game Injustice.

Injustice 2 0001.png
Look at them all dressed up.

Injustice takes place in an alternative universe where Superman has gone mad and rules the world with an iron fist. It’s up to the resistance, lead by Batman, to put a stop to him. Injustice 2 is a continuation of this story, where Batman tries to rebuild after Superman’s defeat but a new evil lurks in the shadows. An evil that might force our heroes to make unlikely alliances.

Injustice 2 0002.jpg
“Let me out, Bruce! You didn’t even install a toilet in here!!”

So what’s new this time around? Well, NetherRealms have added a bunch of new mechanics and improvements to the game. Now we can use a meter to perform an air escape. When you use the air escape, you bounce back up during a juggle to disrupt the combo. You have two options, hold back or up and then press the meter burn button, it all depends on where you want to land. Be careful though, or you might just land in another combo.
Another new mechanic is the meter burn roll. When you dash forward and press the meter burn button you can roll to avoid projectiles and enter your opponent’s space.This is a welcomed
addition since the Injustice games are projectile heavy. No, for real, the zoning in this game gets crazy!

Injustice 2 0003.jpg
“Did anyone say PROJECTILES!”

The story mode in this game is great, just as it was in the previous one, and that’s something you can’t say about many other fighting games. This time around, at certain points, you will have to pick between two characters to continue the story. This allows for a lot of replayability, just to see how the story turns out depending on your choices.
Another addition to the game is the multiverse. If you have to play Mortal Kombat X, the multiverse is pretty similar to the towers in that game. In the multiverse, you will find different Earths where you’ll have to go through a series of battles (with different challenges in place) in other to obtain loot boxes and pieces of gears. Gear, my friends, is the “thing” in the game.

You’ve seen the commercials.

Gear in the game is more than for looks, it makes your character stronger. It increases certain stats for your character, and some time you can get skills that can change how your character plays. Don’t worry though, all these crazy shenanigans are off for competitive play. You get your gear not only through the multiverse but after every battle as well.

injustice 2 gear unlocks.jpg
Damn it! Another helmet for that stupid monkey.

The random drops do get annoying and most of the time you get items for characters that you don’t even play. To add insult to injury those pieces of gear that you get have a level restriction, so you have to level those characters so you can equip the gear.
There are microtransactions in the game, as is the nature of gaming nowadays it seems, but you can easily get money and loot boxes by just playing the game.
I gotta admit that playing the multiverse to get gear gets addictive. I was playing the game for this review and I spent a few hours trying to get gear for Batman and I didn’t even notice.

Injustice 2 clash.jpg
By the way, clashes are back and they’re better. They don’t take 3 years to finish now.

In conclusion, I gotta say that this is a great competitive game that has a lot of option for a casual player as well. Fair warning, you gotta have some patience though when it comes to dealing with zoners, projectiles are very strong in this game, and the meter roll is not the best solution most of the time. If you’re a fan of the DC universe, you should get this just for the story alone, and for fans of the fighting game genre, this one is a great addition to the library.

injustice dlc-injustice-2.jpg  
Oh, and the first batch of DLC characters is coming right up.

So what do you think about the Injustice games? Any other fighting games that you’re hyped for that are coming out? Let us know. Now I return to the deepest darkest corners of my dwelling. Good-bye for now my friends.

Friday, June 16, 2017


By Corey Floyd

This upcoming weekend in my hometown we are celebrating Pride day. A day for celebrating the LGBTQ community for being who they are out and proud. Once upon a time being this was extremely frowned upon and they were treated just as bad as being a minority in the 1940’s. A matter of fact it wasn’t until 1989 comic book creators were not allowed to have gay characters in American comics. I thought that today I would touch on characters from across our nerdy planet that have been used as great representations of the community. Some are very known and some are unknown.    
 I thought It would be nice to get the obvious out of the way. Thanks to a strong fan base and an awesome movie Deadpool is on the forefront when it comes to great comic book movies. He has also been known to get it own with a lot of ladies between the page as well as a few men. But he is not bisexual. The Merc with the mouth considers himself pansexual. For those of you who don’t know it means that he does not limit his sexual choice with regard to biological sex, gender, and gender identity. Ryan Reynolds who plays the mutant has actually been very adamant on having a male love interest is his upcoming sequel. I think if Fox Studios was okay with the pegging scene this should be 
a walk in the park.  Next is Northstar is a member of Alpha Flight. A Canadian mutant task force kind of like the X-men. They are not as popular as the x-men but they were in a lot of adventure where they crossed paths. He was Marvel's first openly gay character.  With his powers of super speed flight and energy flashes. The character creators John Bryne and Chris Claremont also thought it would be great for him to get married and in issue astonishing x- men #51 he did. 

Here we have Willow from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Who went through a very relatable character arc for those who are not sure of themselves. In high school, she was the shy girl who fell in love with a boy named Oz played by Seth Green. Who also happened to be a Werewolf. Eventually, the relationship fizzled out and while she was in college she met the love of her life Tara who showed her a deep understanding of Love and Witchcraft. Eventually, Oz returned to the show and put Willow at a crossroad or at least he thought. Like most guys he assumed it was a phase but by the end of the ordeal, he understood. This was a very compelling character development at this time in television since there wasn't a lot of forward-thinking on tv. Lucky for us Joss Whedon was several steps ahead.  
 Batwoman had to make my list. She pre-dates Batgirl! A lot of people don’t even know that. That’s okay I don’t expect them to the character's original run wasn't very memorable. She was originally made to be a love interest for Batman because they were concerned that he was gay and Robin has his partner in more than just crime fighting. She ended play the damsel in distress one too many times. The character faded into obscurity in 1964.  Little spots here and there for a few decades. 2006 she returned in a big way with a red and black suit that was originally designed for bat girl and a more vicious style of fighting that always incorporated weapons. When it came to making the character a lesbian Dan DiDio executive editor and senior vice president of DC Comics said “ It was from conversations we’ve had for expanding the DC Universe, for looking at levels of diversity. We wanted to have a cast that is much more reflective of today’s society and even today’s fanbase. One of the reasons we made her gay is that again when you have the Batman Family—a series of characters that aren’t super-powered and inhabit the same circle and the same city—you really want to have a point of difference. It was really important to me to make sure every character felt unique”. and her adventures have been pretty awesome.

That where I will leave you today. One of the reasons I wanted to write this was to give everyone an idea of the little differences between us as a people.Also to point out that nerd culture has been way more progressive for the LGBT community than most sets even though there was a ban in place till the late 80’s to have it in comics.  What I'm trying to say is we need to learn how love each other despite our differences. GOD that sounded sappy here a pick of Steven Universe fan art. See ya next week .

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

WONDER WOMAN review (Spoilers ahead kinda )

By Corey Floyd
The DCEU has been terrible. After Batman vs Superman and Suicide Squad, the bar has been set pretty low. So when the first trailer for Wonder Woman was released I was skeptical. But then I looked at their casting pick Gal Gadot and here resume is pretty small. But her life is very interesting a  Motorcycle trainer in the Israeli Defense Forces. Seems like she already is Wonder Woman. The movie starts in the present. Showing her working at a museum when all of a sudden a photo is delivered to her from Bruce Wayne. It takes to her homeland and her time as a child. Revealing a land without men and women are just as strong and as fierce as any man. Preparing for the return of Roman God Ares who wants to destroy the world.

There also a cute back and forth with Chris Pine in this film.He plays the infamous Steve Trevor the first man Diana lays eyes on.  It gets cheesy but not too cheesy. There is light humor throughout the movie which is refreshing in comparison to Batman V Superman. Secondary villain Doctor Poison makes an appearance in the film.  Played by Elena Anya last movie I saw her in Was Van Hellsing they gave her a very spooky and mysterious look. Her face badly damaged and covered in a doll-like mask.

 Now I’m not going to talk about Aries cause that will give up too much plot and maybe a twist or to But this was a great film. That being said I have a few tiny bones to pick at. Sometimes the Lasso of truth looks too fake.
I thought it was interesting that they took a few notes from Thor like the obvious fish out of water routine. They did do a personal spin on it that makes it their own and was still enjoyable. They also took a healthy chunk from Captain America.  The present to past setup, World War 1, an evil scientist and a funny ragtag group of soldiers.

I’m just saying. This was a great movie and I want people to go out there and see it. The fact that this movie did not earn as much as DC other two films on opening weekend I find very disturbing. Wake Up!!! Go see Wonder Woman!!!! 
Also our first book is out go to 

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