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Wednesday, April 15, 2020



The DC universe app is pretty decent. Plenty of stuff from the archives, pretty good origami shows, and the Paul Dini animated universe, so when I saw that there would be a Harley Quinn show I was like ... I guess. 

Then they said Kaley Cauco (Penny from Big Bang Theory) would be Harley. I’m having a few doubts. (disclaimer I have issues with The Big Bang Theory... my real nerds out there understand) But, nevertheless, I was ready at the premiere. 

Here’s a spoilerish free look at Harley Quinn.

The show starts with wild over the top violence and cursing for the sake of cursing. Joker is played out like he was designed by his toxic followers. However, there’s a slew of Villains that have interesting designs and hilarious attitudes and voices. It almost had a sitcom vibe. After the first episode I went to our FB page and I wasn’t feeling it. The internet responded predictably, but I laughed off all the negative comments and remembered my three-episode rule. I give every new show three episodes before my verdict. Now that season one is done, I’m ready to talk about why I love this show!

The Harley Quinn show dances along a razor's edge of over top horror and cheap sitcom laughs. The show’s about how recently separated and independent Harley Quinn who wants to prove to the Joker and everyone else that she is more than just a sidekick. First, she assembles her own crew which consists of a few familiar characters and a forgotten one, but each has a new spin to them.
Poison Ivy her longtime friend and current roommate cheering her on and offering support. She’s voiced by Lake Bell. Their dynamic reminds you of every tv show with girlfriends as roommates. It’s always fun and adorable since comic readers know that this eventually ( SPOILER AHEAD!!) turns into a relationship.
We get Clayface who has always been portrayed as an angry brooding monster is now as over the top unbearable thespian. Alan Tudyk who is one of the best character actors that doesn’t get the accolades he deserves plays this scenery eating lump of clay and it’s pure gold. He also portrays the Joker in the show, which is done surprisingly well, and the writing is very self-aware at times. 

Tony Hale plays Dr. Psycho. Some of you might remember he was the voice of forky in Toy Story 4. This time around he is a horrible little villain who needs to learn how to respect women. (Seriously he calls Wonder Woman the c word) He joins the crew thinking that taking orders from a woman might make him a better all-around Villain.

King Shark has always been a huge and scary threat, but in this show he’s very tech savvy and most of the time non-threatening. Ron Finches who always comes off as the non-Threatening black man in his stand-up slide right into the role, but when he gets mad it is hilarious. With plenty of guest spots it really is a great cast.

The show comes at you in waves. First over top violence, barrage of swearing, and well-placed humor, and through that odd mix you also get a well thought out story. This show took a minute, but it won me over. Great overall story, awesome humor and a love for the characters. I gotta admit I’m looking forward to season 2 which to my knowledge will be coming sooner than later like April. What’s the deal? Where is my next season of Young Justice? Anyway, I highly recommend Harley Quinn right now it’s Available on the DC UNIVERSE streaming app. It’s way better than Birds of Prey.

Harley Quinn final. Grade B+

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