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Sunday, December 24, 2017

BRIGHT was TIGHT !!!! BY Corey Floyd

Months ago when Netflix announced they were doing a film with Will Smith I was excited. Then that Death Note movie happened. 

let's just say I lost a little confidence in Netflix. But I did not lose hope when I heard David Ayers was directing that calmed my nerves then the trailer came out and I had questions. Luckily the answers came the other day while watching Bright. 

Bright gives a world where the tales of fantasy like elves, orcs, magic etc are in our modern time. They don’t  go into details so that gives leeway for more storytelling and I appreciate that. Will Smith plays Daryl Ward a very tired LAPD officer with 5 years left to get his pension. All he has to do is survive which is pretty difficult since he just survived being shot by an orc with a shotgun. His partner is Nick Jakoby played by Joel Edgerton (the Gift) he is the only orc in the LAPD.  

Daryl like most of the Humans in the film do not like orcs. It gives a social commentary on the current racial climate by making a new target. It seems that most racism is toned down cause they all hate Orcs and are treat the black people have been treated. They even dress like us so I guess.
In this world, magic is banned and Daryl & Jacoby stumble upon a magic wand and an elf known as a Bright that can use it.   
So now it becomes a game of survival as several factions come after them an evil elf tribe, an Orc gang, latin gangsters and the feds. It’s a must watch!!

I will not give away the movie. But it is great to see David Ayer back in form after the catastrophe which was Suicide Squad. It shows an extreme difference how directors do their job when studio heads let them do their thing. Joel gives another great performance. Will Smith was great to watch came off very natural I enjoyed his performance. Yes, this movie sounds like Dungeon & Dragons meet Lethal Weapon and it works. Don’t let the critics or rotten tomatoes fool you this was fun and action-packed. The action sequences have you on the edge of your seat. Why are critics panning this doesn't add up, But then again these are the same people who called the force awakens ORIGINAL!!!!  

Make sure you check out BRIGHT on Netflix. 8/10 

Thursday, December 21, 2017

A Roller-coaster of Emotions, A Dragon Ball discussion by Luiggi Cavanna

This week while talking to a friend about anime of the year, mainly because of the announcement of the second season of Made in Abyss, we somehow ended up talking about Dragon Ball Super and how Dragon Ball “is bad now”. The past episodes of Dragon Ball Super have caused an uproar in the community. The fans have gone from, “this show is trash!” to “oh my GAH the animation is so great” and finally “what’s going to happen next?!!”. So during my discussion with my friend, I explained how literally the show has been like this for years! So I’ll take this opportunity to have a little conversation with you guys about how nothing has changed in Dragon Ball.

Let me explain that I watch Dragon Ball Super sparingly, so I literally had to go on a small chocolate chip cookies fueled marathon of Dragon Ball episodes to write this. When I reached the episodes that cause the community to go on the rampage, I felt nothing! It was Dragon Ball being Dragon Ball, let me explain in more detail.

Power levels are bullshit!!

Power levels are dumb! They appeared in Dragon Ball Z at the beginning of the Saiyan saga with Raditz to showcase the difference between the Earthling martial artists and this spaceman! Earthlings can control their ki, increasing it or decreasing it at will, and in general they had more refined attacks. Raditz was just strong, like super strong. His attacks weren’t as technical as a real martial artist and he got rekt by a toddler that became stronger than him for a second because anime.

Get rekt son!

The point I’m trying to make is that characters in Dragon Ball just become stronger out of nowhere, for no reason most of the time. That brings us to today and some characters that have cost some grief for the community.


The Dragon Ball community has been hating on the female Saiyans for so many reasons! But mainly the fact that they have achieved so much power in such short amount of time, it’s not like anyone has achieved super saiyan without any effort before right?

Oh yeah… But it is Z so it gets a pass right?

Most people categorized them as “Mary Sues”, but Dragon Ball has been doing this for years now! Come on! Goku learned the Kamehameha after watching Master Roshi doing it once when Roshi blew up the Ox King’s mountain. The Saiyans from universe 6 has to become this strong and this fast because the story demanded because Toriyama and TOEI keep writing themselves into a corner. The fact that a Super Saiyan 2 and a female Broly had to fight super saiyan God Goku could’ve been solved many episodes ago with just a few lines, but NO! The situation that our heroes always face is always so final! They fight the strongest in the planet, the strongest in the universe, the strongest God! The show had a problem with the escalation of power since the Tao Pai Pai fight in Dragon Ball, we have just seen the results now because we are older and things are more ridiculous.

Also, all the screaming haven’t change.

To be fair I was watching the episode and it kinda made sense. I mean, Goku was tired and he was fighting two saiyans at once. One of them is the other universe’s Broly, and when he turned Super Saiyan God he was wrecking them. The fact that the universe 6 Saiyans had to fuse to start kicking Goku’s ass also made sense. Fusions are BUSTED! And in this episode, it wasn’t an exception, also take into consideration that one of the parts of this fusion was a Broly type character.


I understand though, it is annoying and you want a well written compelling story, but let’s face it, Toriyama is not a good writer. Toriyama strong point is gag manga, and he just wants to write fun silly things if you don’t believe me look at universe 2! They just needed a stick with poop on the tip and they would’ve been a Toriyama grade A material.

Toriyama love poop on a stick!

I have to say though that I do have something I hate with a passion in super. Something that undermines everything in past seasons of super that can be considered good. It is something that seems to be loved by most DBS fans, and that is….


Jiren, to me, represents the Dragon Ball problem. Jiren is the next “strongest guy EVER!” and we can’t wait for Goku to beat him and for him to become trash a few seasons after, like every “strong guy EVER!” before him. Do you remember Hit? I remember Hit, I like Hit! Remember how he was sitting with his eyes close not paying attention to the tournament he was participating in until one of the heroes increase his numbers out of nowhere and he opened his eyes and he closes them immediately like the cool guy he was. Guess who’s doing that now?

“Anything you can do I can do better…”

Also, remember the future Trunk’s ark? Remember how everyone loved it, even though the ending was a little wonky? Where was Jiren? No, hear me out. Didn’t Zamasu kill all the Gods and mortals in other universes, how the heck did he deal with Jiren? Where is Launch? That last question has nothing to do with anything it’s just that it’s been bothering me for years now hehe.

I need closure damn it!

But why am I writing this blog? Well because I believe that the hate for the characters is misdirected. I believe that the Saiyans from universe 6 are good ideas. I love the master-student relationship that Vegeta and Cabba have. Caulifla is basically a more spunky female Goku, and female Broly… well, you know. By the way that makes me think, universe 6 have a Broly and it is universe 7 twin universe so where is Broly? I mean the movies are not canon.

No for real, where is he?

Believe or not I love Dragon Ball, but I also understand that I might be out of the targeted demographic. Listen, eating in a fancy restaurant is great but sometimes you just wanna eat some potato chips with some soda. At the end of the day, in Dragon Ball, I just want to see someone launch his most powerful attack and for the bad guy to just shrug it off and right after for them to do it again but harder and then the bad guy dies.

Also, I love how Frieza is just the sassiest passive aggressive
bitch EVER! I LOVE IT!

Many of the problems with Super could’ve been solved with simple additions to the story but to be fair Dragon Ball has many problems that are already deep in its DNA. So maybe you shouldn’t call Super shit because maybe Dragon Ball has always been a little shit, but fun shit, really really good shit! And there’s nothing wrong to have some fun with good shit.

Arale knows it!

Well, I’m sure that all the Dragon Ball experts out there on the internet are ready to educate me on all the topics I touched on this blog and I can’t wait. Also, I can’t wait for Dragon Ball FighterZ, my GAH I love this characters! So what do you think? Enjoying Dragon Ball Super? Are you angry that Piccolo got knockout because he didn’t hear his enemy with his hypersensitive Namekian ears? Let us know. Now I return to the deepest darkest corners of my dwelling. Good-bye, for now, my friends.

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Friday, December 8, 2017


By Corey Floyd
Hey everyone!! Long time no see right well we’ve been working on a lot of stuff for our YouTube so be sure to subscribe . Meanwhile, if you're part of the gaming community you have been well aware of what’s going on. Electronic Arts (EA) is in a lot of hot water over Star Wars Battlefront 2 loot crate issue. In the game, you can just play your way through and work hard and maybe you will unlike Luke Skywalker in 2000 game hours or spend up 10 100 dollars in real money and maybe you get it in a lootcrate. Also, the game offers in-game advantages. It gives more opportunity to some with more money. It also has a gambling element that I find disturbing especially since there will be a lot of children playing this.
This is not the first time EA has screwed people over. Back in 2006, the Madden football series ruled with an Iron Fist. Until ESPN NFL 2K showed up and offered a better game better features, and for 20 bucks. EA was scared they realized that their days were numbered. They knew that next year they would lose their fans. So instead of getting into a game war pushing developers to be better. Instead, EA bought the right to the NFL. SO no one could make a football game with NFL players but them.
ESPN could not make another football game. This also meant that NFL Blitz would no longer be a thing. Some developers tried to make games without using league players.
It did not work out too well.
Football fans didn’t care but as time has gone on they realize that EA has been lazily phoning it in ever since. They are also behind destroying other game companies off pure negligence.  
When reddit was in an uproar of the microtransactions EA reddit response was abysmal.
Currently, this is the most downvoted comment in reddit history by 600,000 votes.
EA does not care as long as the money is coming in they will keep phoning it in.  Monday the money was going out the window. By the end of Monday, the 4th of December EA dropped 5 points if I translate that to money I’m talking 2.3 billion dollars and that’s a rough estimate. Is it a big blow? Not really their net worth is around 28 billion but it sends a message. That they need stop treating the consumer like a nerd and turning us upside down and shaking every last cent off of us.
Blizzard is doing a fine job at loot crates.

Character skins are in!!  Halo 5 also want you to be a better player before you bet items too.  They offer a gold pack you can buy with in-game point or with real-world cash.

Now here’s the deal, if you're more about money and less about playing this is gonna suck for you. Cause the Gold pack items you get are based your rank in the game so if your a recruit buying gold packs don't expect to get the same items that a person 30 ranks above you should get. We also should not be trying to sell in-game weapons for real money DESTINY 2 !! Look is it wrong that I just wanna pay between 60-0 back for a game and not have to deal with microtransactions just to have a better experience? Or is it Just me? I can wait to see EA at E3 this year. In the meantime, I will catch you guys later peace.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

The Anime Season So Far
Fall 2017

Well well, unlike summer, the fall season has proven to be challenging. There is so much to check out that my traditional format of “talking about three shows and then rant about others” might not work that well. Heck, I might have to write a few updates to this blog since I don’t have much space or time to write about everything here. So I had to scramble around trying to pick an anime to talk about here, but I made my peace with the fact that I can’t talk about everything in one go. So I’m just going to talk about some shows I’m watching regularly, some shows that caught my attention, and somethings I just wanted to talk about. I’ll write more about this season later, if other news don’t get in the way that is. Without further ado, let’s just jump right in.

I had to watch so much anime, and I’m not even done!!

I’m going to start with a returning show that is as stylish as it is crazy, just like a big city like New York should be. Of course I’m talking about….

Anime Blog Kekkai Sensen & BEYOND.jpg
Kekkai Sensen & BEYOND.

Kekkai Sensen was a fairly popular anime and now is back with its second season Kekkai Sensen & BEYOND. Some critics had a problem with the pacing that the original series had, to be honest though, I think that the pacing reflects perfectly the hectic pace of the life in a big city. Also you have to considered that this is not an ordinary city. Picture New York but surrounded by an impenetrable fog wall with cthulhuian creatures working and performing mundane tasks with regular citizens, also there’s a gaping hole in the middle of the city where powerful vampires can come out any time.

Yep, another ordinary day in the city.

The anime jumps right in with the craziness. We find Leonardo Watch, our protagonist, trying to enjoy his day off when he’s entrusted with the task of delivering the head of the United State’s President back to the embassy before an international incident occurs.

Anime Blog Kekkai Sensen & BEYOND 00001.jpg    
And yes, he’s alive!

Episode one shows us that Leo has grown accustomed to his life in the city, and his life as a Libra member. Libra for those who don’t know, is a vigilante organization in charge of stopping all the criminal, and terrorist organization’s shenanigans that happen in the city, and some of this terrorist do what they do for shits and giggles!

I gotta say though, you gotta be really jaded to get accustomed to people raining from the sky
with alien embryos attached to their heads.

Kekkai Sensen & BEYOND is the second season, so I wouldn’t recommend just jumping into this anime right in if you haven’t watched the first season. I see no reason not to watch the first season, it’s a very fast pace and stylish show based out of the manga of the same name (a manga written by the same mangaka that wrote Trigun) so if you like what you see give a watch. I guess my only complaint about Kekkai Sensen & BEYOND is that the ending theme can’t compete with the ending theme of the previous season, but to be fair that was an impossible task. The ending theme for the second season still amazing though, so the problem is not actually a problem.

But for real, this ending is AWESOME!!

Well guess what, fantasy is back and the next show that I’m going to talk about is all about that.

Anime Blog Mahoutsukai no Yome 0001.jpg
Mahoutsukai no Yome

Mahoutsukai no Yome or “The Ancient Magu’s bride” is a fantasy anime with a protagonist that is not trapped in another world, with no harem in sight, and is a female GASP!! To be fair this type of anime was fairly common back in the day but now days is just refreshing. The anime revolves around Hatori Chise, a sixteen year old girl that has lost everything in life. Chise has signed a contract with some shady individuals and put herself up for auction. She definitely didn’t care what happen to her life after that, but things change when she is purchased by a mystical magus that not only offers her freedom but for her to become his apprentice, also hopefully in the future if she wishes it, his bride.

Also look how handsome he is!!

I have found this series so far very charming, but at the same time melancholic. Perhaps due to Chise’s disposition to everything, I mean, she was always alone and now she finds herself with a family. The anime relies on the feelings of awe and wonder that invokes, with all the magic and creatures that Chise encounters. So far I have found myself hooked, wondering about  the ins and outs of this world where the normal and mundane share a space with the mythical and magical world, that is slowly dying.

Anime Blog Mahoutsukai no Yome 0002.png
Very charming indeed.

But if we’re talking about shows that rely in a feeling of awe and wonder, the next one is all about that! Maybe it’s more about the mystery of the world. That anime is…

Anime Blog Girls last tour 00001.jpg
Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryouko

Girls’ Last Tour is a slice-of-life with quite the premise. Our protagonists, Chi and Yuu, are traveling through what it seems to be the ruins of modern civilization, a post apocalyptic world if you will. They travel the land on top of a NSU Kettenkrad, a vehicle that looks like the combination of a motorcycle and a tank, with no particular destination.

Anime Blog Girls last tour 00002.jpg
By the way, there’s zero action in this Anime

The anime is your typical “healing Slice-of-Life anime”, but every now and then sneaks an existential question that makes you wonder about life for a few hours. The show is slow, very slow, but the charm is in the interaction of the characters with each other, and the world around them.

She deserves it, Yuu always deserves it

So the show is like a Kino’s journey with a lot less people, a lot less! In their travels so far they have encounter just one person. That person’s job was to tell us that there are other people in this world, even though it doesn’t look like it. Oh! Speaking of Kino’s Journey….

Anime Blog Kino no Tabi 00001.png
Kino no Tabi -The Beautiful World- The Animated Series

Kino’s Journey is back. You know, I never watched the original series, I always wanted to read the light novels first. So I approached this new show uneasy, but I found out that it’s suppose to be more of a remake than a second season. The show does a good job in explaining things to newcomers, well except for why the motorcycle can talk and why nobody seems to care! The fact that later we find a dog that talks puts me more at ease since that let’s us know that the world has a little magic to it and these things can be common.

Anime Blog Kino no Tabi 00002.png
You know that the motorcycle had the balls to be surprise at prospect of a talking dog!!

The series revolves around Kino and Hermes, Kino’s motorrad, and their travels. The anime showcases the beautiful and ugly parts of this world and humans in general. Kino and Hermes encounters many different cultures, and for the most part, Kino doesn’t try to change their point of view, Kino goes along with the places that they’re in, (and some places do some questionable things) it’s like they are following star trek’s prime directive. Well you know what they say, when in Rome do as the Romans do.

Also eat as much as you can of the country’s

Kino’s Journey is a pretty interesting show and since is a remake there’s no reason to be afraid of jumping right in. It will make you question some things I guarantee. There’s so many other shows I want to talk about but I’m running out of time. I might have to come back and give you a follow up or maybe my normal blog “The Final Episode” might have to change to “The End of the Season”, and I’ll talk about more shows then, who knows.


So what are you watching this season? Is there any show that you want us to talk about (no for real just tell me that’ll make my job easier), let us know. Now I return to the deepest darkest corners of my dwelling. Good-bye for now my friends.

I’m out!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Anime for this Spooky time of the Year

By Luiggi Cavanna

Halloween is around the corner and we all are in a nice spooky mood to watch nice spooky anime. For that reason, I decided to make a nice spooky list of things to watch, well, maybe not that spooky but definitely, it will have some paranormal things in it.  Now without further ado, let’s just jump right in.

Hyouka is not a Spooky anime, it is a good detective/mystery one though… Let’s just move on.

I want to make this list a bit different so I might not feature the anime that you might expect. So no “Another” or any of the “Blood” anime, Vampire Hunter D, Hellsing,  you know, the usual stuff. That being said let’s start with….

anime blog halloween 0001.jpg

Well, the whole Monogatari series in general, but if we’re going to start somewhere let’s do it with the one that says “Monster” (Bakemono) in the title. I’m just going to put this out there, this is one of my favorite titles. It’s a hard recommendation though, it’s not for everybody. The Monogatari series is heavy in dialogue, a matter of fact, the meat of the show is in the dialogue. Especially the banters between Araragi and Hitagi are delightful to watch.


The series revolves around our protagonist Koyomi Araragi, that constantly finds himself trying to help girls from his school with their paranormal problems. Perhaps this is due to the fact that he had a previous encounter with the supernatural that left him a quarter vampire. Araragi can’t help himself but help others with “oddities” as the show calls them.

It’s ok, Araragi knows a guy.

The most interesting part of the Monogatari series is the deconstruction of tropes. Nisioisin is one of my favorite writers and the way he survives in this light novel environment where the public just consumes the tropes like water. He gives us that but not at all. For example, you could say that Hitagi is a “Tsundere”, she even refers to herself as a tsundere, but using that stereotype to refer to herself should be a clue that there’s something else to it. The tsundere title is just a mask that she uses to cover up the real reason of why she behaves the way she does with people.


The characters in this stories seem to be your stereotypical anime heroines, but deep down they have their reasons for acting in certain ways. They are real people with very human problems and those problems are the ones that connect them to their respective oddities.

And everyone has problems!!

I can’t recommend this show enough but I can understand if you’re intimidated by how many parts it has, Nekomonogatari, Nisemonogatari, etc etc. Let me tell you something, start with Bakemonogatari and if you can survive the lengthy dialogue, the flashing letters, and the shaft head tilts, you will enjoy the rest of the series.

anime blog halloween 0002.jpg
Studio Shaft really loves their head tilts yo!

Also if you managed to go pass Bakemonogatari you’ll be able to experience the spookiness that it is spooky Ougi!

Spooky Ougi is spooky!!

The next series is an old one, matter of fact, I had to go rewatch it because for the life of me I couldn’t remember anything about it. I stopped watching after episode 2 because I told myself, “I’m going to watch this on Halloween”.

Anime Blog Halloween Boogiepop_Phantom_cover.jpg
Boogiepop Phantom.

Boogiepop Phantom is an anime based on a series of light novel of the same name that could be considered the granddaddy of light novels like Bakemonogatari. The story takes places a long time after a strange pillar of light appeared in the city one night, and a series of murders as well. The anime follows an array of different characters, mostly high school students because of anime, and their experiences with abnormal situations. Most of these abnormal situations involve the disappearance of students in mysterious ways, and mostly everybody blames these disappearances on the urban legend Boogiepop.

Anime blog halloween boogiepop-phantom 0001.jpg
She doesn’t look that bad.

First, let me tell you, this is old. Like, remember when you used to watch TV and your image was a square? Yeah, that old. Like good old anime of yesteryears, this show gets weird, like really weird! A fun thing about the show is that the stories of the characters overlap with each other, for that reason you’ll see some repeating scenes, but from a different perspective. Don’t worry though, doesn’t matter from what angle you see something, things will still be freaking weird!

I mean, this dude is eating ghost spiders that he pulls out of people's hearts!

This a perfect show in which you can grab a friend and ask “hey you wanna watch something and get weirded out for Halloween?”. Well enough of that, the next show I’m going to talk about is super cute, and you know what that means right?

Anime Blog School Live 00001.jpg

Gakkou Gurashi!! If Madoka Magica, and most recently Made in Abyss, has taught you something, it should be... don’t trust in cute sh’t!! Unfortunately, a lot of people passed on this show just for its looks, and it’s hard to try to recommend this show without spoiling what it is about. This show relies on the shock of a major plot twist. Fortunately, unlike Madoka Magica where the twist comes in episode three, we get the shocking revelation on episode one!

Look how cute the character design is, but there’s something odd about this scene.

The show is about a group of girls that belong to the “School Live” club. What does the club do? Well, they stay in school and live there. Why do they have to live in the school? You would like to know that wouldn’t ya? At first glance, this anime is just a slice of life about cute girls doing cute things. The show does its best to portrait that image throughout episode one, but if you are observant, you will notice clues to the true nature of the show. That is cute girls doing cute things because what other choice do they have.

Anime Blog School Live 00002.jpg
This chick carries a shove around 24/7, that’s flipping weird right!?l

You’ll have to trust me on this one. I can’t say much without ruining the show for you, matter of fact, I think I already said way too much because now you know something is up with this anime.

Anime Blog School Live 00003.jpg
Forget I said anything, their biggest problem is when the dog
starts running around like crazy.

So do you have a show that you’re going to watch during Halloween? Are you just going to stuff your face with lots of candy? Let us know. Now I return to the deepest darkest corners of my dwelling. Good-bye, for now, my friends.

Have a spooky good time!!

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