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Top 10 masks in comics by Braheim Comic Boss Gibbs

Ok, Edna, I understand why no capes easy to grab, villains can choke a hero out with his own cape, and don’t get me started on the fashion aspect of them they’re so Detective Comics am I right?  But, what about mask they definitely make more sense. With just eye covers your whole secret identity is safe from prying bad guys that want to do bad things. So you can continue taking the kids to soccer practice or living you billionaire playboy lifestyle. I’m looking at you, Bruce, Tony, and T'challa. Now that we’ve established that mask is essential to longevity in the superhero gig here are my top ten masks in comics. These mask strike fear or annoyance in everyone they come across friend and foe. In no particular order.

1 Scarecrow:
The man that induces fear, Dr. Ichbod Crane this is one sick puppy Just never hope you have to see him for a psych evaluation. He will find out what you fear most and use his fear toxin make you do his bidding or meet your worst nightmare. He has even sent Batman down that rabbit hole. To confront some of his deepest and darkest fears. This is one villain that I want to stay far away from me. Sure Bane might break me in half but I'll recover or die but Scarecrow torturing me mentality at his leisure I don't need that type of stress in my life. Besides I don't want him to find out my darkest fear is becoming a billionaire.

2 Deathstroke:
I don’t care what nobody says these next few people I am going to mention are metas there no possible way that a human can achieve what these people can. First up is Deathstroke. He has single-handedly taken out the entire justice league. Often compared to Batman’s equal he’s either sporting that nifty eye patch or his full mask with his one good eye on killing you in the most efficient and brutal matter. Whatever he’s up for, or being paid to do. He is so good and popular as a villain that he is everyone’s villain from teen titans, green arrow, to the big three it doesn’t matter who you are. If the price is right he’s coming for you

3 Black Panther:
Another Billionaire playboy who trained since a young age in every fighting style. A tactical genius who is out to avenge his murdered father. I feel a deja vu moment happening. Yea he’s one of those but his panther/leopard mask is so cool. He has all the powers of the panther speed, agility, stealth, hearing, and strength. has beat everyone in the Avengers multiple times that includes Capt. He’s the gatekeeper to the land of the dead (Necropolis) that he can raise! Meaning brings back to life not the toned down stuff from the movie. (a return of Killmonger maybe?) Plus you can add his name to the very short list of people that can use the Infinity Gauntlet. A secret ending to the next Infinity Wars? Did yall know there is no such thing as a black panther all panthers are leopards? There you go you learned something today.

4 Batman:
What can I actually say that hasn’t been drawn, written, or visually created. The Dark Knight, the Caped Crusader, the brooding dude at the top of that scary looking church and if you’re a bad guy you know why. Because he’s about to come down break every bone in your bad guy body and maybe put you to sleep (permanent.) That cape and cow strikes fear in every living thing on this planet and others. What can you do against a guy who fights gods on a regular basis and wins? If he ever goes off the reservation may God/Superman help us all?

5 Redhood:
Did you know that each of the bat boys is a different part of their dear old mentor? Jason Todd is his violent side. Just like his estranged father, he donned the mask of the one thing that scared him the most. Which baffles me he wasn’t even born when Joker was running around as The Redhood so shouldn’t he wear some type of clown mask? Either way, the mask he decides to wear is a beast and he doesn’t follow the nonkilling rule like Batman which makes him one of my favorite characters. He even beat up Supergirl by getting a dose of superpowers of course. If Redhood Catches you there's no telling what he’ll do to you or he might just kill you. So either way between him or his pa you’re screwed

6 Spiderman:
The most loved superhero that almost didn’t happen. Stan Lee editor told him no one wants to see a comic book about a boy with spider powers Spiders are scary and creepy which he is right about the spider part but man was he wrong about the comic book part.  We all know Parker's origin story and the many different costumes he has worn.  Besides, the spider symbol on his chest his mask is the most iconic part of the web-slinger. That plus the fact his personality is awesome he’s not all broody and dark. He’s not hell-bent on catching the guy that killed a loved one. Well, it was that one time but he caught him pretty quick and moved on to being that friendly neighborhood superhero with the cool ass mask.
 (Case in point with Spidey in the civil war he decides to take off the mask and BOOM! What happened his whole life went to hell that’s what happened!)

7 Dr. Doom:
This is what happens when you mix ego, ignorance, and arrogance you get a cool ass Man in the Iron Mask type character. As intelligent Victor is he should have known playing with magic will get you hurt. He got a cut on his perfect face and couldn't bare to look at the scare so he fashioned a metal mask to hide it. But, he couldn’t wait for the mask to cool so he put it on while hot and destroyed his “perfect” face. Are we sure this dude is classified as a genius? But, since then he has gone on to beating almost everybody ass in Marvel, taking and riding the silver surfboard to actually wielding the infinity gauntlet. To me, he might be my best villain in the Marvel universe.

8 Deadpool:
He is everything right and wrong with the world and I love him for it. I mean he killed the Marvel Universe with such fucking panache. Then he’ll turn around and save a kid from dying by giving him his organs. Wait ain't his organs all covered in cancer how does that work? Anyways Deadpool is the man he took mistress death from Thanos and started pranking him. Who does that arguably the best character in Marvel? He told me to say that whole 4th wall break and stuff but still true.
 (I need to see that Deadpool and Spiderman meetup make it happen Marvel.)

9 Wolverine:
Another fan favorite and rightfully so his anger is only surpassed by the hulk. (If the hulk was ever wearing a mask what would it look like? Let me know what you think in the comments.) Being steamrolled couldn’t stop this beast from coming after you. There isn’t many in the Marvel universe that can stand up to Logan it doesn’t matter what variation of him. Just ask the X-Men in Old Man Logan which to me is his best storyline. He is so loved they couldn’t let him die and had to bring him back.

10 Dr fate:
Last but not least the sorcerer supreme. ( for D.C) My second favorite magic user 1st is Zatanna Hi baby. He had to make the list because his mask isn’t just something to hide his face it’s his whole identity. There have been many that have put on the helmet of fate, which now that I’m typing it realizing it’s not a mask per se but Y'all know what I’m getting at. It’s Nobu and he’s in charge of whoever put it on. Now it’s Zatara I don’t know if that’s canon but I’m going with it. But thankfully he (Nobu) is a good god or all of us would be in trouble. He keeps to himself like another spellcaster I know. So the mask/helmet isn’t needed to go out in the “real world” whatever that is. Mainly because no one knows who is under there. He is with a doubt one of the strongest when it comes to magic and if Hogwarts need a new teacher against the dark arts and they do that last guy died he is the perfect replacement. The doctor will see you now.

How did you like my picks? Were there any you would switch out? Maybe put in someone like Bane, DareDevil, Ironman? Let me know in the comments 

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