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Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Scissor Seven on Netflix Stream or Skip


Scissor Seven is a Chinese animated series that was streamed in 2018 with the name of Killer Seven. As soon as Netflix streamed this show at the start of 2020, it became a hit globally!

With the increasing popularity of Anime, Netflix has created a whole Anime library for anime fans. Scissor Seven is the first Chinese anime being streamed on Netflix. It’s a serious debate on whether to call it an anime or not, but I won’t get into that discussion for now.


Why Should You Watch Scissor Seven?

If I needed to coat only a single thing in the list of why you should be watching it that would be the COMEDY! It is hilarious! Seven might not be the best killer, but that Goofy-head is the best entertainer for sure!

It is a hilarious satire on the whole hero business, as we can how Seven is nothing but a Professional Goof! Scissors is his ultimate weapon on which he uses his telekinetic abilities. Every Hero needs a sidekick, here our sidekick is an angry bird with cool shades. Our protagonist, along with using telekinetic abilities, can also transform into anything using an enigmatic Gaiba egg! 

The whole show follows the crazy adventure of this Goof-ball hitman who ranks 17,369 on the killer list!

This adult anime series has got all the quirky jokes that will give you bursts of laughter from time to time! Each episode is only 15 minutes long that makes it quite easy to binge-watch the entire show in one go, and this show totally deserves it! The on-point humor is something that will keep you hooked on to the screens throughout the run-time!

The action sequences are fun to watch with fluid animation that gets you all hyped up!

The story-line is episodic with the main plot arching up on the whole setting. Let’s see what the plot is all about!


Seven is amnesic about his past life, and being clueless he’s working at a Meet Offal stall on Chicken Island. Along with Dai Bo – a bird-guy who looks more like an angry bird with cool glasses – they plan on becoming assassins as a get-rich scheme. Dai Bo explains how being a mercenary is one of the oldest professions and pays a whole living! Despite being bad at every skill required to become an assassin, Seven is given a certificate of approval from Dai Bo. Seven lacks all the mercenary capabilities and fails at every task as a hitman!

As a cover-up job, Seven becomes a hair-dresser. All this to regain his lost memories at Stan that is the most technically advanced country. 


Every episode has got its own story where Seven gets to know his village fellows by signing murder contracts but always ends up helping them with absolutely no blood-
shed. Along the way, Seven also unveils the past memories that makes him question his life purpose.


Animation and Art

Animation and Art of Scissor Seven are going to blow you out! The fluidity in the animation and the hand-drawn style is incredible and never loses a chance to amaze its audience.

The art-style is a mix of Japanese anime and western cartoons. At first, you cannot really tell what it is, but as the series progresses, you get to know how the art-style works. The art-style and animation are extremely dynamic. Everything changes from crayon scribbled light-hearted to a more dark and sharp art-style smoothly.

In my opinion, the crayoned soft pastel style is very pleasing and added on with the flashy graphics; it is a pure delight to watch!


Music and Themes

This is another point where this show stands out! The music and the themes are incredibly made with each one being equally worthy of your adoration! 

No matter how much Netflix wants you to skip the opening and closing themes, never do that, I repeat never! This show makes you laugh, makes you cry, makes you cringe, makes you feel invested in each and every character! 




                                    Seven (Wu Liuqi)

Seven (Wu Liuqi) is the main protagonist who wants to regain his past memories for which he needs a hefty amount that he plans to earn through being a hitman. This guy is pure fun with his gravity-defying hair and telekinetic scissors!


Dai Bo

This cool angry bird is Seven’s sidekick and helps Seven in his hitman job. In fact, Dai Bo was the one who suggested him to do the meet offal business and also to get into the high paying 2nd oldest profession of assassination! Dai Bo is a cool-headed hilarious bird who wears shades and is an absolute delight to watch.

Xiao Fei

Xiao Fei is a small bird that Seven uses as an escape device. Xiao has got many skills up his feathers (As he got no sleeves) that he uses to help Seven from time to time.



This pretty lady is 37th on the killer list. She has got a faceless mask and the longest braid with a Kunai knife tied at the end. Thirteen follows Seven everywhere to deliver death to him. Seven develops a crush on this mysterious masked assassin and never lets go of a chance of hitting on her.


Season 3

After the surprisingly warm reception of Season 1, Netflix came back with a 2nd Season on May 7. Fans are left with the desperation of wanting more. Seeing the success of this show, Netflix is surely going to come up with another incredible season soon!


Final Say

Scissor Seven is one of the best-animated shows that you can watch right now on Netflix! This series combined slice of life, action, drama, and comedy in a perfect amalgam.

Each episode with only a 15 minutes run-time makes it the best show to binge-watch. If you’re into comedic adult shows, then this is just the show that you are looking for!

As for a final rating, I would personally give this show a 9 out of a 10! 

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