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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

10 Horror Comics That Will Give You Nightmares

 Some of the most frightening and chilling stories that we can find are in comic books. Though they're not as old as horror novels, horror comics have managed to capture the hearts and minds of those who enjoy a good fright. The following 10 horror comics will keep you up late at night with their spine-tingling tales and horrific imagery. 

A lot of people know horror and Halloween go hand-in-hand, but what happens when the season is over?

1.) Stray Dogs

    Just Imagine your dog living your best life being a fun just then a serial killer comes and rips it all away from you and takes you to his house to live out the rest of your days. This is the premise of Stray Dogs. A different take on the serial killer vibe is that the victim can't communicate to nobody except some of the other victims in the house

2.) Joe Hill: Graphic Novel collection

    One of the new masters of horror comics Joe Hill released a collection just for the fans. If you liked Basket full of Heads, The Doll House Family, The Low Low Woods, or anything else this collection is just for you. 

3.) Abbott 1973 

Check our Elena Abbot tough in your face new reporter turned supernatural crime-fighter with the help of a supernatural savior. Together they have to save Detroit but how far will she go.

4.) Ghost Rider: Trail of Tears

    This is the prequel to Ghost Rider: Road to Damnation. In this, we follow Travis Parham ex- Soldier in the confederate army. He thought he has seen the worst hell had to throw at him little does he knows it goes deeper and vengeance is on its way.

5.) Baby Teeth

    Having a baby for any young woman is scary. But sixteen-year-old Sadie Ritter should be terrified with her giving birth to the antichrist this little bundle of joy is hell-bent on bringing nothing but suffering to mankind. (got to love a kid with ambitions.)

6.) Something is killing the children

    All hope seems lost for Archer’s Peak when children start to go missing. Then a mysterious woman arrives who tells the citizens that creatures from our nightmares are behind all this chaos- and she will kill whatever is killing the children 

7.) Killadelphia

    Jimmy’s investigation of his father's murder leads him to uncover the President of the United States who is long-thought dead, John Adams as being responsible for causing this outbreak. of Fucking Vampires. And in my city.

8.) The Conjuring

    Jessica a seemingly normal college freshman can shake the feeling that something is watching her. Soon she finds out that something evil is after her and won't stop until it has her. But why her? This is DC attempt at horror and this is definitely a great series to start with.

9.) Spawn Dark Horror

    Al Simmons is back and he's sending every demon back to hell and every angel back to heaven. All eight issues are here for you beautifully wrapped. So you don't have to go hunting the other issues down.

10.) The Nice House on the Lake

    Walter is weird but his house is gorgeous and after a hard year his friends need a vacay. So when he sent the invite they jumped on the chance to go to this beautiful house on the lake. But Walter has something else in mind for the party 

So tell me are you scared? Are you going to grab any of these titles? What are your favorite Horror comics? Let me know in the comments. While you are here listen to our podcast with the amazing La Deva Arazel We talk witchcraft and other amazing spooky things. 

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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Halloween Kills- A Salty Review

 The Halloween franchise has been through a lot. Some of it is good but most of it is bad. I don't know what the oddest moment has been, to be honest. Was it Kung Fu Busta Rhymes or was it Season on the witch or that one about the cult the series lost its way? Rob Zombie rebooted it in 2007 and fans including myself were split on how good/ bad it was. At least until the follow-up, we all agreed it was bad. In 2016 there was talk about rebooting the franchise again with Danny Mcbride as one of the writers. 

This guy  I know looks like a goofball but so did Jordan Peele. Mcbride and his team who were also comedy writers had a more daunting task. Peele did something very original whereas these guys are trying to save a franchise. 

They succeeded by making a daring choice of erasing the franchise. Their movie was a direct sequel from the 1978 film and everything we’ve seen since then ….. never happened. Laurie is an older PTSD-riddled survivor that has been waiting for his return. The film delivered and left a Lil something on the end that could only mean one thing sequels!!! But could Halloween KIlls make the magic happen again with a good sequel? The same team of writers. The same director is back. Maybe it could work?


The film starts minutes after the first film. So don’t try to be one of those folks who just watch a sequel without watching the original. The tone of the film is very different this time around. The film has made the entire town a character in this film. The town wants Myers dead as well. The film gets moves away from Laurie being at the center of the story by literally sideling her and focusing on other characters like Tommy Doyle and a few others you saw in the background in the first film.

watch our scary good interview with La Deva Arazel

The kills are stepped up in a big way this time around. They’re funny and gory and some are are easter eggs to the Halloween legacy.

The only thing I question right now is, what’s up with Michael Myers? In this movie, you cannot tell if the townspeople are incompetent or Myers also got some John Wick skills while surviving the fire.  He comes out of the burning building and kills 6 firefighters. You saw the trailer!!! I’m not gonna get into anymore because that’s spoiler territory. But it feels like they might be going into the supernatural side of things because this movie is way darker than I expected it to be. The movie was beautifully shot and directed the script had its moments but overall it’s quite good. Made the town a part of the story. Everyone’s performance was top tier.  I wish I had a better understanding of Myers but then again maybe that was the point. Leave me with more questions than answers. The also shows the downside of a lynch mob I don’t want this to turn into an afterschool special so I will leave that to you. When it came to giving the movie its grade wasn’t sure what it deserved it took some time but I stand by it. I think this movie a good scary time at the theaters ( or at home on Peacock) can be great popcorn fodder.

Halloween Kills final grade: B-      

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And download our podcast with the beautiful and scary La Deva Arazel 

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