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Monday, August 26, 2019

The Boys Review

Amazon prime premiered The Boys a few weeks ago and I’m fiending for season two. Like most superhero type shows it’s adapted from a comic series, but this series was never intended for children. This was made for people who grew up in the 80s and 90 and are enjoying the comic pop culture explosion but wish there was a dark outlet that was actually good (Sorry DCEU). What happens when you take the Justice league and add in the cruelty and corruption of corporate America? You get this show, you get The BOYS! Eric Kripke from supernatural and the team of Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, who are on their last ride with preacher, team up to give us the dark yet funny show.

Hughie ( Played by Jack Quaid some May remember him as Marvel from the hunger games series ) plays your shy but lovable Everyman whose life is ripped to pieces when his girlfriend was hit by a speedster hero called A-Train. The scene is quite graphic and tragic so let me reiterate this show is not for kids. Instead of a heartfelt moment between Hero and victim where the hero apologizes and tries to make amends. In this world, A-Train is represented by the Vought corporation a company who sponsors and manages over 200 superheroes and makes billions off merchandising them and making movies and tv shows (sound vaguely familiar don’t it ) they meet with Hughie offer him some money and an NDA. 

He didn’t take it well and that’s when we meet Bill the Butcher, an FBI AGENT  who has a personal vendetta with people with superpowers. Bill is played by Karl Urban who has become a constant fixture in comic / sci-fi over the last 10 years. The kiwi plays the role as rough and rowdy as a modern cowboy with a love for expletives. The rest of his team a guy by the name of Mothers milk ( played by Laz Alonso ) and Frenchie (played by Tomer Capon) tried their best to take down Vought and their team of “superheroes “

The show and comic are a complete deconstruction of the superhero world by driving straight into our modern society in every dark way possible. Pro-choice vs pro-life all the way up to the #Metoo movement are being thrown at you. The show echoes a lot of similarities of philosophy with Watchmen. I don’t wanna spoil it but I think that’s the best way I can put it ( btw the Watchmen series COMES ON TV IN THE FALL). The Boys is a must watch show!! You don’t wanna miss it. 

Don’t worry we will be doing a full review with spoilers on the Amerime Junkies podcast.

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