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Tuesday, October 29, 2019

DISNEY PLUS The King of the Stream?

By Corey Floyd
In November Disney is starting a whole new streaming service called Disney Plus. It does not come out until November yet thousands of people have already fully paid for a three-year agreement. Naturally, this streaming service is one of many but this time Netflix might be in more trouble than they think. Here is the rundown on why you should probably pick up the streaming service come November.
Disney is a multimedia juggernaut that is watching the market place being bombarded with several different types of streaming services; ie, Netflix Hulu Amazon, etc. All of them have Disney properties in their libraries. As a business move, it would make perfect sense to take everything and consolidate it under one roof because Disney has a massive almost infinite library to chose from. The nostalgia factor alone gives it a big push. They just announced that the 90s X-men and Spider-Man series will be available! I can only imagine how much old school stuff they can put on there ( except the song of the south). This feature alone will tap into the older folks and the lil kids. 
You can’t just survive in the past! Disney plus has huge ideas for new original content. At the D23  expo it looks like they are taking no chances. They have huge big-budget productions in the works. For the Star Wars universe, a new idea called the Mandalorian. Imagine a western but I as a galaxy far far away. 
from what it looks like it takes place in between episodes 5 and 6 and one of the stars is Carl Weathers. The MCU is coming to Disney plus as well and I don’t just mean the movies will be available. I’m talking about new original shows, not spinoffs like Daredevil ( which I miss so much) I mean shows like Loki starring Tom Hiddleston, not some knockoff like what would normally happen. If you saw Endgame the show is supposed to start right where he left. There is also a Hulk & Shehulk show starring Mark Ruffallo. No announcement on who is playing She Hulk but I have high hopes. I am saddened that we won’t get another HULK film but if they can pull off a show with him and his cousin I’ll be patient. Hawkeye is also gonna be on Disney plus with his own show where his daughter will be in training to become the next Archer. It might play out like the comic series from the mid-2000s. 
Pretty much everyone except Thor will be on Disney Plus, even Falcon in the Winter Soldier has a series where they are working together. I’m not sure what the details are, but I do know that the government has an issue with Sam being the new Captain America since Steve Rogers left him the shield at the end of Endgame. One of the most curious entries for the MCU on Disney plus is WandaVison. Yeah, I saw a few screenshots of it and it seems like they're in the 1940s and Vision is alive!! How?!? Needless to say, I’m in. Then their last little trailer was for Marvel “What If”. I’m not sure if it was just for presentation's sake, or if it really will be animated but it looks like it’s going to run through a series of steps in the MCU but change a few things around. For example, they showed the origins of Captain America only this time it was Peggy Carter in the machine and we had Captain Britain. There is also one where Starlord is Black. Either way, I’m down, your down we’re all down for this content so stop fooling yourselves.
My last talking point is money!! Disney is playing the long game with this streaming service and has the bank to play it out. They are currently offering a package of Hulu, Disney +, ESPN and The National Geographic app for 12.99. The same thing you are paying right now just for Netflix. Also with the amount of star power and productions going on just for the streaming service, it appears they have dumped a few billion into this project. They are not only here for the long haul but they plan on being the last one standing. No one knows much about Netflix numbers but what is known is not great. In July of this year, their stock price dropped the equivalent of sixteen billion dollars that was mostly people unsubscribing from the service. No one really knows anything past that but that could be the catalyst the blood in the water for a new shark to take over the streaming game. Disney+  Is looking like it will be the APEX predator of streaming services.    

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