Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers


Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers, you either remember them from your childhood or you just found them on Disney Plus. The cartoon was a spin-off of The Rescuers franchise and they added in Chip and Dale. Like most Disney shows back then it had a kick-ass theme song and a bunch of merch. So when they announced there would be a reboot of shorts I thought it would be a well-written and still funny series like Ducktales. Instead, it was a great meta film that gave us an update on the “Toontown” world that was initially made in the Who Framed Roger Rabbit. The movie is in good hands tho, whose hands? It's the people behind Lonely Island. What could go wrong?

The film talks about a fall from grace and the separation of the dynamic duo. It put a focus on the characters knowing each other since childhood and perfected the vaudeville-style act. That eventually got them the TV show where Chip ( voiced by John Mulaney) plays the straight man and Dale ( voiced by Andy Sandberg) plays the comedy relief on the show. Dale didn't feel appreciated and eventually left to go solo. That caused the show itself to get canceled and his solo outing crashed and burned. Like most stars with their best days behind them, he finds himself working the convention circuit signing autographs he event paid to be rendered in 3-D  with hopes of getting more work.



 While chip has walked away from the entire industry as a whole and lives a life of solitude. Besides his pet dog. A friend in need reaches out to both of them. Will they be able to settle their issues and solve a real mystery? 

Toons are getting kidnapped without a trace. They end up traveling to the Uncanny Valley. A land where a lot of CGI characters look slightly off and most of them have expressionless faces. This is still one of the funniest jokes in the film especially if you are a movie person. The main villain of the movie might be the darkest story point that I can't help but feel was intentional on the writer's part.

Peter Pan has been kidnapping toons altering their look to make low-budget versions of Disney films. He started it out of spite because Disney cast him out when he got too old. They didn't even help him get new work. This is what happened to the original voice actor Bobby Driscoll. Sadly he became a heroin addict and died at 30. The writers of this movie are sharp so they made a villain we can understand. Plus we have all seen knockoff Disney movies before so making it all come together is awesome. 



This movie despite a few predictable moments has a lot of heart. Just enough that allows me to not scold it for obvious plot points. The execution is admirable and they stick the landing for this to be the director's first big outing I think he did a fantastic job. The only issue I have with the film is the voice acting of John Mulaney. His voice is too cynical all the time in the film and it takes me out of it. He does nothing new to his voice as Chip he might as be Seth Rogen. All I see in most of the is Andrew from Big Mouth. Thus making this an almost perfect movie. I would like to see more stories from this world. The easter eggs are too many counts.         

Yes Ugly Sonic is a God Tier 

The film is a fun one and has high replay value. I'm not sure how much kids will appreciate it, but the kid at heart.

Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers: Final Grade B+ 


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