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Luke Cage Season 2 (spoilerish) By Corey Floyd

Making Harlem great again. Yes, that's how I'm starting this one. Luke Cage returns with season 2 and I was not disappointed. We were already graced with the second season of Jessica Jones back in March ( review here ) and now we're back in Harlem with everyone favorite unbreakable hero. Everyone has returned to play the character, of course, Mike Colter as Luke, Simone Missick as Misty Knight,, Theo Rossi as Shades, Alfre Woodard as Mariah and last but not least Rosario Dawson as Claire. (I'm still weirded out that she was that mom in the beginning of CIVIL WAR)

We catch up with Luke being loved and admired by Harlem since unlike the rest of the defender's everyone knows who he is. But famous and being rich and not one in the same since he stays in Claire's apartment and the barbershop can’t afford the rent. C.R.E.A.M. is name of the game and Luke needs it. A young street Hustler named D.W. is selling Luke Cage Merchandise out of the shop and follows him wherever he goes to videotape him doing good deeds. It gets to a point that he’s offered a sponsorship deal. 
One the other side Shades and Mariah want to become Wolfs of wall street with some insider trading blackmail all while trying to sell off their guns to become legit. Just when you thought everything was fine here comes the Bushmaster. A Jamaican with a serious taste for revenge and some serious powers to go with it. With his mystical powers, he can go toe to toe with the champ and walk away like nothing happened.

He's played by Mustafa Shakir who played Big Mike HBO’s The Deuce he gives a masterful performance as well as the stylish gangster. He comes to Harlem to take out Mariah for the sins of her family's past that cost him more than just money sounds familiar doesn't it 

     As the story unfolds you realize that his grievances are legit so I kinda root him but I don't agree with some of his tactics.

This season family plays a pivotal role just like last time. We are introduced to Luke's dad James Lucas played by the late great Reg E. Cathey. Luke has a lot of rage towards his father after blaming him for his mother's cancer. Let's not forget that he cheated on her with another woman and that's how we got Diamondbacks corny ass. On the other side, we are introduced to Mariah’s daughter Tilda who has been gone from her life forever, But Mariah needs to reunite with her to gain footing that she lost in the community. She's walking a very gray area even Shades has concerns. 

 Claire does not have a lot of screen time this season they had a fight and Luke's Toxic Masculinity got in the way and she went after the first few episodes. The female focus is more on Misty Knight the one-armed detective trying to get her groove back as well as her confidence. With help from Colleen Wing and a new arm from Rand industries, she was back to work trying to stop Harlem for bleeding to death.

This Season gets very Game of Throne like in a lot of aspects. The fight for the ruler of Harlem, the factions, the unions, the incest "oooppppsss."  Well, I won’t go into details about that but it gets very bloody and very dark might wanna shield the kid's eyes at some parts. Music is still very alive and vibrant in the season from reggae to KRS ONE and of course at least one member of the Wu-Tang Clan. I won't say who it is but its a killer. They even threw in an episode with Iron Fist giving us the Hero for Hire vibe. Finn Jones looks like he actually put on some weight and learned his choreography this time around he looked good. I won’t tell you what happens or how it ends but it's great. You can’t break Luke Cage but can he be bent?


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