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Reboots that should happen!!!

By Corey Floyd


Well, it’s that time again. Time to talk about reboots. I know we don’t like them as a whole but if done right you can have something great a few of these shows or movies. The following have been canceled or bombed at the box office due to someone dropping the ball and hopefully someone can pick it up.   

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Black Dynamite! Was only on Adult Swim for 2 seasons. The show is based on a movie starring Michael Jai White parodying blaxploitation films of the 70’s. The cartoon as an extension of that. Bringing back the cast of the film to play themselves in animated form. It was a very funny series but I don’t think the humor fell on a lot of people. The show was definitely was targeting a black audience which may have had a lot of it humor lost on people who don't know the culture. It was also not slotted well in conjunction with other shows such as.

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It’s content also could get very offensive. They did not hold back when it came it making fun of celebrities. From Michael Jackson being an Alien drugged up Elvis Presley.

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To rescuing a cannibalistic MR. T in Vietnam.

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 Maybe they can blast the team into the present and have new adventures. Just a thought.

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Drawn Together was the ultimate offensive experiment. The took MTV’s “real world” premise and made it a cartoon. They took seven cartoon types and parodied them to an extreme. For example, Princess Clara is a Disney Princess type. She sings songs and animals come out of the woodwork. But here’s the deal she’s a homophobic racist.

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There an Asian battle card monster named LING LING. He is the ultimate Asian stereotype that even comes with his own language.

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Both are voiced by the legendary Tara Strong.

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 That’s just a sample of what type of savagery and talent that was behind this show. It was short lived due to their barrier-breaking 4th wall shattering content that even comedy central executives believe they went too far. I would like to see the return of this show due to the new cartoons that are out that can be made fun of. From my little pony to Steven Universe and to the world of Anime. Here a clip to give you a better clue . I would love for this to come back.  Just think of the cameos.

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Boondocks needs to come back.But we need  Aaron  McGruder back at the helm as head writer. When it was announced that he was not the writer for the 4th season as a fan I was disheartened but I had hope. The first episode was kinda funny.

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Throwing a mean left hook at the music industry that has been about more gossip than substance. The rest of the season came off mean-spirited and unfunny. Rodney Barnes & Angela Nissel two producers decided they could write this show.
It was just awful. As a matter of fact, there’s an episode that ran a GOOD TIMES gag to the point it wasn’t funny. To be honest, it wasn’t that funny, to begin with. If you check out youtube they have been the season for streams of the Boondocks on for the last 3 weeks so hopefully, you see it.  Somehow Drawn Together a show written by white guys ( not that there is anything wrong with that )did the joke so much better see .

Related image

The show just came off disrespectful with everything going on today I feel this needs to come back. He brings Caesar

from the comic!!!  We need Caesar!!! I need Caesar !! Maybe it’s just me. What they could do is put everyone in high school. They could reach out to Donald Glover to voice him and even help write

enough outta me this week. Next time you hear from me we will be talking about


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