Friday, September 22, 2017

Games I’m Looking Forward To ‘Project Octopath Traveler’ First Impressions

You know, this week I wanted to talk about Dragon Ball FighterZ’s close beta, the mechanics, the netcode, etc. Unfortunately I wasn’t part of the lucky chosen ones that join the close beta, so I’m going to talk about other games that I can’t wait to play. But in the mean time check out our YouTube gaming channel here

A few weeks ago Nintendo gave us another “Nintendo Direct” and this time it was going to be longer than the one for E3, Yay! I gotta say though, I wasn’t too hype. We just got information about a lot of stuff we already knew, and I was aware that they were going to focus a great deal on “Mario Odyssey”. But there was a game I had my eye on from previous directs that they decided to talk about a bit more, and they surprise me with a demo for it.


“Project Octopath Traveler” is a JRPG developed by Square Enix that is a throwback to RPG’s of yesteryears with 2D-HD graphics. When we talk about throwback RPG’s, and Square Enix, you might immediately think “Bravely Default” the RPG that everyone loves because it was what RPG fans had been starving for instead of the crazy shenanigans that Square Enix was feeding us! Well guess what, the same team that worked on “Bravely Default” is working on this.
 This game looks GORGEOUS!!

Let’s just say that this game looks amazing! The light effects, the shadows, the sparkling reflections in cave’s walls that give them a wet look, it just looks gorgeous. When it comes to combat, it is our typical turn-based affair, but with some minor tweaks that spice up the formula.
 I know is pretty and all but watch out for random encounters.

Every turn during combat you get something call “booster points”, you spend those points to modify your normal attacks and special moves. For every point spent you increase the number of times that you attack with your normal attack, and your special moves get a power up. Increasing the number of times that you can hit is tremendously helpful because of another little mechanic in the game that will force to plan your attacks. When you face an enemy you will notice that under them there is a blue shield with a number inside, and next to that shield is the word “weak” and under the word a few empty boxes.
 You will see the points you have under the name of your character.

Every enemy is weak to different attacks, every time you hit an enemy with its weakness, aside from doing more damage, you reduce the number inside the shield. When the shield reaches zero the enemy enters into a “Break” state, where it’s stun and won’t attack the next turn.
 After you reveal the weakness of your enemy, it will be display in those empty boxes I was talking about.

I started the demo with the warrior Olberic, who starts with two different weapons that you can change during combat. That encouraged me to experiment around to find foe’s weaknesses. The demo only lets you pick between two characters, but the full version will let you choose between eight characters, hence the “Octopath” in the name.
 You know, Olberic is pretty nice but he has the tendency of beating up people.
Maybe that’s just me playing as him, more on that later.

Every character has it's unique story line and doesn't matter who you pick, the other characters will join your party later in the game. Every character has an special ability that allows them to interact with NPC’s in different ways. For example Olberic, as a warrior, can challenge every NPC to fight, so I proceeded to beat up everyone in town, well until I fought that lady outside the bar that was ranked with six stars, I mean, why don’t we send HER to save the world!
 You might want to start as the dancer if you are a more peaceful pearson.

Primrose’s ability is really interesting, instead of going around picking fights, you can seduce villagers with your hips that don’t lie and they will follow you around. Then they can join you in battle and offer support. This left me really excited to see what other abilities the rest of the characters will have.
 I mean, one of them has to be the one that is good at JoJo posing right?

I stream myself playing this demo for almost four hours, and I gotta say, it was pretty fun! I’m really looking forward to the full game, and if you are a fan of RPG’s, I really encourage you to play this demo and see for yourself. Expect a full review of this game when it’s finally release,  now I return to the deepest darkest corners of my dwelling. Good-bye for now my friends.

By the way, I love it how this guy was my size but as soon as I enter battle, he turned into this giant.

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