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Marvel’s ECHO: Chicken Soup for the MCU (review)


Marvel Studios has had a very rough in 2023. Missteps and poor judgment led to horrible production and the loss of hundreds of millions of dollars. So, to start this year with a side character that didn't resonate with me but did wanna see more of. I did enjoy this character in Hawkeye, but a spinoff? They do need to try something new. Well, ECHO. 

 here's something new,

ECHO? Who's that? 

Echo, also known as Maya Lopez, is a captivating Marvel character who brings diversity and depth to the comic book universe. First introduced in Daredevil comics in 1999, Echo is a deaf Native American superhero with photographic reflexes, allowing her to mimic any physical skill or fighting style she observes. Raised by the Kingpin, Echo's journey is marked by tragedy and resilience. Her unique ability to replicate movements makes her an extraordinary hand-to-hand combatant and an invaluable asset in battles. Beyond her impressive physical prowess, Echo's character is significant for breaking barriers as one of the few deaf superheroes as well as Native American in mainstream comics.  

The show takes place several months after Hawkeye and she has returned to her hometown, Tamaha, Oklahoma, after dispatching several gangs and putting a bullet in Kingpin's head. She is still trying to figure out where she belongs spiritually and literally. She has flashbacks of her childhood as well as some other woman’s. Meanwhile, little does she know she brought her New York problems home with her.  

Alaqua Cox as Maya gives a very stoic performance. Her acting is supported by her using sign language. At first, I was ready to sign it off as inexperience. By the third episode, I realized that she has been used as a killer so much that her emotions are finite, even towards the people she loves. like a terminator trying to be human.

The ones she loves,


The Kingpin returns with Vincent D’Onofrio playing him. A return to form, he kills every scene as more mentally unstable. He gives an unhinged performance. The supporting cast does a great job with their scenes. They're funny but not too funny. They're warm without feeling like they belong in a Hallmark movie.

I’ve seen most of them in another hit show called Reservations Dogs (Which I highly suggest it’s on Hulu). 

This is a spoiler-free review, but I will say this: The show is a one-shot, 5-episode adventure. It doesn't stay too long and never slows down to a crawl. The action is solid, and the level of violence is close to what we had with Daredevil on Netflix, so this isn't exactly for the little kids. This show was chicken soup for the soul of the MCU. It doesn’t cure the MCU issues, but it’s a good place to start. 

ECHO: Final Grade B (wasn't blown away but entertained)


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