Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Best and Worse of 2023

 Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, or whichever festive greetings resonate with you! We've just wrapped up recording our final podcast for the year, diving into the highs and lows of 2023. If you're reading this before the New Year, be on the lookout for our upcoming episode, "The Best and Worst of 2023," set to be released later this week.

"I'm eager to reflect on my personal highlights and low points, as well as share my anticipation for what lies ahead."


This year's gaming landscape has been a rollercoaster, with standout moments like Baldur's Gate 3 showcasing the potential when a studio prioritizes its fan base over financial constraints. Larian Studios has stirred up the industry, prompting other studios to either match their commitment or face disappointment. Redfall, I've got my eye on you.

Bethesda had a mixed year—Starfield burst onto the scene but ended with a whimper. Despite its flaws, the game boasts high replayability. Yet, it's time for Bethesda to shake up their model; and seriously, can we get a move on with Skyrim 6?

Rockstar teased us with a fiery trailer, but a two-year release window. The question arises: does the anticipation justify the wait until 2025, or is the mere knowledge of its impending release sufficient? Share your GTAVI feature wishlist with me.


For anime enthusiasts, this year has been nothing short of amazing. In our podcast, I delved into the second season of Goblin Slayer, Eminence in Shadow, and Shang-ri La Frontier. My anime of the year? Blue Eye Samurai. For a detailed review, check out our website Amerimewire.com. Unfortunately, this year bid farewell to Hi Dive in certain regions outside North America, possibly due to larger players dominating the anime market. And yes, the end of A.O.T. stings.

Film and TV

James Gunn, with his bold move, ended the Marvel-DC love triangle, taking on the challenge of transforming the DCU into the MCU. Despite the MCU's recent stumble, there's hope for a stronger and more cohesive film and television studio. The industry hit a snag with Disney and other studios relying on A.I. during a prolonged strike, but the future looks promising for both DCU and MCU. Keep an eye on Skybound's rise.

Final Thoughts for the Future

While a detailed discussion awaits, I'm thrilled about the future of gaming with the integration of AI, VR, and AR in the next decade. Star Wars continues to deliver, and with Dave Filoni officially at the helm, the future looks bright. James Gunn's approach remains uncertain, but I trust his vision for the DC universe. As my second love, anime is flourishing, yet I'm anxiously awaiting the second season of Grimgar: Fantasy and Ash. Let's hope Mappa takes care of its team. E3 bid us farewell, and despite my prediction during the lockdown, it's sad to see it go. Amerime will be going live more regularly next year, so get ready to (possibly) be sick of me.

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