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"Santa's Got a Brand New Bag: Breaking and Entering for Beginners" Top 10 Unconventional Christmas Movies

 Christmas time is here, and you know what that means? Time with the family, buying things you don't really need & Christmas movies. I like Christmas movies I really do but not the conventional ones. I get it people love “It's a Wonderful Life” but I’m more of a Die Hard man.  (Die Hard is a Xmas were not here to debate this) I want to talk about the unconventional Christmas movies that I love. I think you might love some of them as well. If there's any I didn't mention leave a comment

DIE HARD (don’t @ me)

Let's get the obvious out of the way. Die Hard is often considered a Christmas movie due to its unique blend of action and holiday elements. Set during a Christmas party in Nakatomi Plaza, the film incorporates festive decorations, seasonal music, and a wintry backdrop, creating a juxtaposition with the intense action.

The theme of redemption and the importance of family prevalent in traditional Christmas movies are also present in Die Hard, as John McClane strives to reconcile with his wife amidst the chaos. The enduring debate over its holiday status adds a playful touch to the season, making Die Hard a surprising but beloved addition to Christmas movie traditions.


 Batman Returns earns its status as a Christmas movie through its atmospheric incorporation of holiday elements. Tim Burton's dark and whimsical Gotham City, adorned with festive lights and decorations, provides a visually stunning backdrop.

The narrative unfolds during the Christmas season, with the Penguin's villainous plot and Catwoman's emergence intertwining with holiday themes of redemption and forgiveness. The film's climax takes place against the backdrop of a giant Christmas tree, adding a surreal and festive touch to the action. While unconventional, Batman Returns skillfully weaves Christmas motifs into its gothic tale, making it a unique and memorable entry in the Christmas movie genre.


Krampus is considered a great Christmas movie for its darkly comedic take on holiday traditions. The film combines horror elements with a twisted sense of humor, exploring the consequences of a dysfunctional family's lack of Christmas spirit. Krampus, a folklore figure punishing those who've lost the holiday's true meaning, adds a unique and eerie dimension to the narrative.

The film's blend of scares and laughs, along with impressive practical effects, sets it apart as a refreshing alternative to conventional festive fare. Krampus successfully taps into the darker side of the holiday season while maintaining a sense of entertainment, making it a standout choice for those seeking a more unconventional Christmas movie experience.


"Scrooged" is often regarded as a unique and entertaining adaptation of Charles Dickens's "A Christmas Carol." Starring Bill Murray, the film modernizes the classic tale with a comedic twist and a satirical take on the television industry. Murray's portrayal of Frank Cross, a modern-day Ebenezer Scrooge, adds humor and charisma to the character's transformation.

The film cleverly integrates the Christmas spirit with its critique of corporate culture, providing a fresh and entertaining perspective on the timeless story. "Scrooged" stands out as a creative and engaging rendition of "A Christmas Carol" that resonates with audiences seeking a blend of humor and holiday spirit.


Trading Places" indeed falls into the category of unspoken Christmas movies, often overshadowed by more traditional holiday fare. Its unique blend of comedy, social commentary, and a dose of holiday spirit makes it a gem for those seeking a different kind of Christmas movie experience.

The film's clever narrative, witty dialogue, and memorable performances, especially by Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd, contribute to its enduring appeal. Despite not being as overtly festive as some classics, "Trading Places" stands out as a smart and entertaining choice for those looking to add a bit of unconventional holiday cheer to their seasonal movie lineup.


Bad Santa" stands out as one of the best Christmas movies ever due to its fearless embrace of dark comedy and the memorable contributions of John Ritter and Bernie Mac. The late John Ritter's portrayal of the well-meaning but exasperated mall manager adds a delightful layer of humor and serves as an excellent foil to Billy Bob Thornton's irreverent Santa character. Ritter's comedic timing and affable presence enhance the film's overall appeal.

Additionally, Bernie Mac's performance as the store's security chief injects charisma and a no-nonsense attitude into the narrative. The dynamic between these talented actors complements the film's edgy humor, providing a perfect counterbalance to the unconventional holiday tale. Their contributions, alongside the film's audacious storyline, solidify "Bad Santa" as a classic that brilliantly navigates the fine line between irreverence and holiday sentiment.

8 Crazy Nights

Adam Sandler's "8 Crazy Nights" has proven to be a surprise hit around the holidays, largely due to its unique blend of irreverent humor and heartfelt storytelling centered around Hanukkah. As an animated musical comedy, the film stands out for its creativity in exploring the Festival of Lights through Sandler's signature comedic lens.

The unexpected depth of emotion and the film's ability to balance humor with sincere moments of reflection contribute to its enduring popularity during the holiday season. Sandler's versatility, coupled with the film's catchy musical numbers, provides a refreshing alternative to the more traditional Christmas-centric movies, making "8 Crazy Nights" a surprising and beloved choice for those looking to celebrate the festive spirit from a different cultural perspective.


"Edward Scissorhands" may not be a conventional Christmas movie, but it has earned a place in the holiday film canon due to its poignant themes of love, acceptance, and the magic of the season. Tim Burton's fantastical creation, Edward, with his scissor hands and gothic appearance, becomes an unexpected but endearing symbol of innocence and vulnerability.

The film's setting, with its snow-covered landscapes and suburban Christmas decorations, adds a whimsical and atmospheric touch. The narrative, which revolves around Edward's longing for connection and belonging, aligns with the spirit of generosity and compassion synonymous with Christmas. Johnny Depp's heartfelt portrayal of Edward and the film's visual beauty contribute to its timeless appeal as a movie that captures the essence of the holiday season in a uniquely enchanting way.

Tokyo Godfathers 

“Tokyo Godfathers" is often regarded as a heartfelt Christmas gem due to its unique blend of emotion, humor, and holiday spirit. Directed by Satoshi Kon, the film tells the story of three homeless individuals who find an abandoned baby on Christmas Eve and embark on a journey to reunite the child with its family. The movie's setting against the backdrop of Tokyo during the Christmas season adds a layer of magic and warmth to the narrative.

The film explores themes of redemption, forgiveness, and the importance of a chosen family, all of which are central to many traditional Christmas tales. The characters' personal struggles and the challenges they face contribute to the emotional depth of the story. "Tokyo Godfathers" stands out as a Christmas gem not only for its poignant themes but also for its rich character development, engaging plot twists, and the heartwarming message that, even in the midst of adversity, miracles can happen during the holiday season.


"Gremlins" stands out as a great but non-conventional Christmas movie for its departure from the typical holiday film formula. The movie unfolds in a small town during the festive season, diverging from the picturesque snowy landscapes commonly associated with Christmas movies. Its unique setting takes an unexpectedly dark turn when the protagonist unwittingly breaks the rules of caring for the mysterious creatures known as Mogwai, introducing chaos and mayhem into the holiday narrative. Unlike traditional Christmas films that focus on heartwarming themes, "Gremlins" incorporates dark humor, adding a layer of irreverence and unpredictability to the story. The mischievous and destructive behavior of the Gremlins challenges the usual sentiments associated with the season, creating an unconventional but compelling viewing experience.

Beyond its departure from traditional holiday themes, "Gremlins" excels in its creative elements. The film features a unique creature design, with the adorable Mogwai, particularly Gizmo, contrasting sharply with the menacing Gremlins. Released in 1984, the movie's special effects were groundbreaking for its time, contributing to its enduring appeal. "Gremlins" also successfully blends genres, combining horror, comedy, and fantasy, which further contributes to its non-conventional status. Its cultural impact and lasting popularity as a cult classic attest to its ability to provide a different kind of Christmas movie experience—one that remains both memorable and entertaining.

Those are my selections for the holidays, I’m sure you have your own. But seriously please enjoy the time you have with your family you only get one. We at Amerime Media wish all of you happy holidays and a happy and safe new year.


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