Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Metro Esports: The next big thing to hit E-gaming!

Warminster Pennsylvania is about an hour away from Philadelphia. It's a quiet slice of Americana where the first steamboat ever was designed and made there. But believe it or not, amid the quiet suburb there is something cooking. Over the last few years, Esports has evolved. Philly has embraced it with full arms look at or official Overwatch team Philly Fusion. Well, the ball will keep on rolling as we meet the Metro Esports team. We visited their lounge to take it all in, meet some fresh faces, and watch an intense Smash Tournament.

We walked in and I was in awe of the space. There are a few gaming lounges in the city but due to the finite amount of space they have the overall experience is less than comfortable. Here at Metro, it is a beautiful, large space 6-7 thousand square feet at least with plans to expand. They also have a room specifically for training with their pro team I call the “war room”. They also have a massive driving simulator that puts you smack dab in the middle of a Nascar race. 

Virtual reality is only one room away across the hall. I was a big fan of superhot on PC after playing the VR I felt like I was John Wick. 

I spoke with Corey Davis who works as a T/O for Smash Bros at Metro. He's such a competitive gamer that he even competes in Tecmo Bowl tournaments ( yes Tecmo Bowl, ask your parents it was before Madden). He also hosts the tournaments when he's not serving up beatdowns with Toon Link on Smash Bros. SiddeeQuah has some big plans to reach out to the cosplay community as well as the community at large.  One of their goals is to bridge the gap in tech education as well as have a superior gaming team. They can't wait to reach out to the community with events and programs. 

I had a good time at Metro Esports. I look forward to going back again. I’d like to think I made a few new friends there plus it was just plain fun.  


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