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Black Widow a hit Taskmaster sucks!!!

  Well, after waiting an extra year because of the pandemic, Black Widow finally came out. It's a great Marvel movie, an excellent action movie but not a great spy film. There are some very odd choices in this film that need to be discussed. There are some odd choices made in character development that don't sit well with me. I cannot call it a bad movie, but I can call it inconsistent. Is it worth the 30 bucks premium, or is it worth a 10 buck Tuesday? Let's talk about Scarlet's last ride. When she was a kid, her "parents" had to get up and leave the country like their lives were on the line. Giving you the sense of the cold war spy movie, but it's the mid 90's. When they landed in Cube, the Russian Government gave her "parents a job well done. It was all a farce: the parents were actually spies, and the kids were in training. After a job well done, the parents were sent to their next mission, and Natasha and Yelena were sent to the red room prog

Space Jam gets Slammed (A Salty Review)

  ( The following article will contain Lebron Memes) Space Jam:  A New Legacy is an awful movie, so is the original. There I said it, but there was something likable about it. There are things to like about this one as well, but they are very far in between. This movie should have been a Slam dunk, but somehow it was a brick. Yes, I get that it's a family film, and the target audience is kids, but it doesn't have to be poorly written. Lebron James might be the king of the court, but this movie just has him standing in Jordan's shadow. The movie begins with Lebron James preparing his sons for basketball camp. While his eldest is primed and ready, his middle son Darius isn't interested at all. He is more focused on making a video game that is more along the lines of NBA Jam. Lebron, always being pushed to be the best, tries to use the same tactic on his son to no avail. Meanwhile, at Warner Bros studios, they are preparing to upgrade their streaming service by

Go Home America You're Drunk---America The Motion Picture Review

I love a good parody or a movie that pokes fun at a genre. Scary Movie and Naked Gun are perfect examples of that. But how do you make fun of the founding of a nation? America the motion picture shows you how. This film takes historical events and pop culture, adds Whiskey, cocaine, and Monster Energy Drink, and tries to tell you how the nation was formed. It's like if SNLs drunk uncle tried to explain the fourth of July.   If you were looking for a historically accurate animated romp about U.S history for your kids, let me be clear THIS IS NOT IT!!! I would suggest Liberty's KIds for everyone else. Let's talk about It. The cast is pretty stacked. Channing "Magic Mike" Tatum is the lead as an ultra buff George Washington equipped with chainsaws that come out of his wrists. Then we have Samuel Adams, a beer-chugging frat bro voiced by Jason Mantzoukas, who most of you might know as Jay from Big Mouth. This is pretty funny cause his character here plays out just lik