Thursday, July 9, 2020

Customize your afterlife for only 9.99 a month. Upload Review

Life after Death!
What if you could control your afterlife? What would it look like, who would be there? What if it had microtransactions?  That’s the world where Amazon Prime's new show Upload takes place. If you’re a fan of Black Mirror but wish you could spend more time with a storyline this might be what you need. The show takes place in the very not too distant future. When I say not too distant I mean the next 10-15 years. Where cars can drive themselves and vending machines operate like a 3D printer for food l. Cell phones are now part of your hand and death has options.
Welcome to UPLOAD. 
 Nathan Brown is a young ambitious programmer who was working on a big project. After leaving his rich but toxic girlfriend and driving to the store his self-driving car slammed into a truck. While in the ER he’s bleeding out and he is given an option go to surgery and hope for the best or have his mind uploaded to an afterlife sever.  Since he’s dying he has no time to read the user agreement. He agrees and has his head uploaded to a virtual paradise. The package he is in is a hotel on a lake. He has a guide Nora who works for the company is referred to as an angel. A guide that helps them transition. She’s helpful but also cynical. He makes a friend, Mike has been there for quite some time and shows him the ropes. He realizes that the afterlife might not be so bad after all …….. until his Angel realizes that there’s something very wrong. 
Sorry, y’all this show is too good for me to spoil it. Nathan Brown is played by Rob Amell who’s been in a number of Netflix originals ( Code 8 ). His character is definitely an onion many layers and he’s worth the watch. Nora is played by Andy Allo. If you’re a fan of the pitch-perfect franchise you will remember her from the last installment. She is phenomenal and causes quite a roller coaster of emotion. Now there is one actor I haven’t spoken of yet. In this series, there is an A.I. who has to play the soulless redhead trope to comedy perfection.  The Office, Parks & Rec, Simpson ( the good seasons), and  Seinfeld. So it’s easy to see that the show is in good hands This is a binge-worthy show. Each episode is about 30 minutes so you can run through this easily. Especially if you need a mystery to solve.
His name is Owen Daniels he’s also a writer for the show as well as Space Force on Netflix. I think he has the hardest job on the show. Watch it and prove me wrong. The creator of this wild world of the not too distant future is Greg Daniels. The writer behind King Of the Hill,

UPLOAD final Grade A+.  ( waiting for season 2 )


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