Thursday, April 2, 2020

Superman Red Son Review

By Corey Floyd:
The DCEU has a checkered past, but the animated films they have made are out of this world. With that being said today I’m talking about Superman: Red Son.
This is based off a previously written graphic novel just like justice league Flash-point Paradox or the Dark Knight returns. This one offers a different origin scenario. What if Superman was Russian under Stalin rule? Red Son offers a very, interesting and accurate concept. Let’s take at it, shall we?

The movie starts with a young boy growing up in Russia with the power only people can dream of , sadly one of those dreamers was Joseph Stalin. He was raised in the Soviet Union and only answered to Stalin. In America there was no Superman. So we have Lois Lane still being one of the best reporters in the world and her darling husband, Lex Luthor.
 One of my favorite things about the movie is showing how different Superman’s existence is in the USSR. Lex is still a rich scientist with a genius intellect. He is smart enough to make his own Superman. You also see that Superman only have one friend and that’s Wonder Woman.
Superman thinks he’s a symbol of peace under Stalin until Lane reveals the truth . With his new perspective he made the only logical choice. Become thee new leader.

That’s where I will end the details. Cause I don’t wanna give away the twists. It’s directed by Sam Lieu who has been at the helm of every DC animated movie. He is doing such a stellar job that I think he should direct the live action movies as well. The animation style is still modern but the 60's and 80's aesthetic throughout work very well. The voice acting is phenomenal. Superman is voiced by Jason Issac ( Lucius Malloy ). He gives a strong and confident delivery as the man of the Iron. Amy Acker ( Kate Strucker from the the gifted) does a good job as Lois Lane. But I find it odd how she sounds just like the other woman who voiced Lois. Which can be taken as a good or bad thing. Good because she sounds just like the other actress or bad cause why didn’t y’all just get the other actress? Lex Luther was voiced by Diedrich Bader , he has cone a long way since the Drew Carey show. His version of Lex was great he really delivered the good side of Luther.  Bye the way, he does an amazing job on the Harley Quinn show (a review is coming out for that soon too) as Batman. 

On top of that, after I saw the movie, they gave a trailer for the new one!! Justice League Dark: Apokolips War. The gang is getting back together and head to Apokolips with Darkseid. I'm too hype for it. I wish I could say the same for the live action. In my opinion there’s only maybe 2 or 3 that are worth mentioning.  But seriously got check out Red Son! If your new to these movies don’t sit with your kids and watch this. This is not a Saturday Morning Cartoon. There's some wild moments in this plus some Easter eggs. Tell me in the comment section which is your favorite.

Superman: Red Son final grade A 


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