Wednesday, April 22, 2020

A Guide To Another World!

You ever watch events in your favorite anime and wish it will happen to you? Some all-powerful being would just pull you into another world, and imbue you with abilities that would give you an upper hand in your new home. Well, wish no longer because I, Comic Boss aka Anime Boss have scoured the globe for any scroll or tome that would show me the way. I present to you Amerime's definitive guide on how to blow this taco stand and start over in another world.

Death and Rebirth by a God!

This method requires a great sacrifice or dying being a bad-ass and being noticed by the gods, not my preferred method but to each his own.
1. That time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime: 
Sacrificing your life for a friend will definitely get you into heaven or a god just might reward you by bringing you into a new world and grant you abilities to change your once pathetic life to one with meaning.
2. Cautious Hero: You die but because your stats are just what they need to stop an evil hellbent on realm domination. You are brought there to save them. But, you have seen this before so you know the only way to stop it is to become OP AF. 
3. Drifters: Deciding to leave the world as a complete badass might get you noticed and grant you rebirth in a different world fighting another war.

Pulled in from Video Game!

The best way to do this is to play a game that just started or is ending so it's all about timing and your character also has to be strong. When your time comes. 
1. Sao: This might be the one that actually becomes true with the way the world is going with VR and AR. I for one is looking forward to living in some of my favorite video games. 
2. Demon Lord, Retry: When you get pulled in to an alternate version of your favorite video game you have to make the best of it. Call yourself a demon lord and change the world

3. Overlord:

Same as above play your favorite game up until it ends. Then get transported to that world and decides to take it over.

To save the world! 

This method, unlike death and rebirth, doesn't need you to be a badass or even tough this will pull out the best in you just be ready to be tested.

1. Rise of the shield hero:

This is by pure chance no latent powers or ability required just be ready if you get the powers of the shield hero. Because you're in for extreme hatred from the human population. 
2. Arifureta: from common to world strongest: When you get transported to another world and you face obstacles do what you gotta do even if that means eating monsters to survive. Then destroy those who bring you to this crappy world.
3. High school prodigies have it easy even in another world: When your summoned to another world by the downtrodden and abused use your genius to change the world for the better. 

Summoned by a God!

You're summoned to this world by a god to serve their selfish needs. Whether to play the ultimate game or to settle a debt by a dead beat family matter. This one might end up being the best one. Just know you more than likely will end up serving a demon because they are the only ones who make deals with idiots.

1. No Game No Life:

When you game so hard that the god of gaming challenges you and then you trash the god of gaming. He has no choice but to bring you to his world where everything is decided by gaming. Even the future of that world, even if you wanted to become a god. Let the games begin
2. Kakuriyo -Bed and Breakfast: The last two methods involve having an indebted, dead beat family. Having a grandfather who traveled back and forth between here and the demon world and made a few friends and a few enemies but more importantly, he used you as collateral. Once he died a demon came to collect now your his forever.
3. Welcome to Demon School: When your parents ain't two coins they'll happily sell you to the highest or lowest bidder or anybody with two loaves of bread. But lucky or unlucky for you the highest bidder happens to be the demon king that just wanted a grandson or heir or food. But, for right now you're living the good life and enrolled in demon high school. 

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