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Final Fantasy VII Review

It’s no secret that one of this year’s most hotly anticipated RPG s - if not games - was Final Fantasy VII Remake. Ever since the fateful technical demo during the PlayStation 3’s reveals back in 2005 at E3, the gaming world was sent into a frenzy over a possible remake of the beloved PS1 classic. And now it’s real, in our hands and has definitely not disappointed as the numbers speak for themselves. Within its first 3 days since the eagerly awaited RPG ’s launch on April 10th, Square Enix reports that it has shipped over 3.5 million copies. The report states that these figures include digital sales as well as shipments of physical copies, making it one of the fastest-moving PlayStation 4 exclusives to date. This is an impressive feat, considering the current state of the world. If we were to make any comparisons, Final Fantasy XV, Square Enix’s latest numbered entry in the popular RPG series, moved over 5 million copies within the same timeframe. This was at a

A Guide To Another World!

You ever watch events in your favorite anime and wish it will happen to you? Some all-powerful being would just pull you into another world, and imbue you with abilities that would give you an upper hand in your new home. Well, wish no longer because I, Comic Boss aka Anime Boss have scoured the globe for any scroll or tome that would show me the way. I present to you Amerime's definitive guide on how to blow this taco stand and start over in another world. Death and Rebirth by a God! This method requires a great sacrifice or dying being a bad-ass and being noticed by the gods, not my preferred method but to each his own. 1. That time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime:   Sacrificing your life for a friend will definitely get you into heaven or a god just might reward you by bringing you into a new world and grant you abilities to change your once pathetic life to one with meaning. 2. Cautious Hero: You die but because your stats are just what they need t


BY COREY FLOYD The DC universe app is pretty decent. Plenty of stuff from the archives, pretty good origami shows, and the Paul Dini animated universe, so when I saw that there would be a Harley Quinn show I was like ... I guess.  Then they said Kaley Cauco (Penny from Big Bang Theory) would be Harley. I’m having a few doubts. (disclaimer I have issues with The Big Bang Theory... my real nerds out there understand) But, nevertheless, I was ready at the premiere.  I WASN’T READY AT ALL!!!   Here’s a spoilerish free look at Harley Quinn. The show starts with wild over the top violence and cursing for the sake of cursing. Joker is played out like he was designed by his toxic followers. However, there’s a slew of Villains that have interesting designs and hilarious attitudes and voices. It almost had a sitcom vibe. After the first episode I went to our FB page and I wasn’t feeling it. The internet responded predictably, but I laughed off all the negative comments an

Superman Red Son Review

By Corey Floyd: The DCEU has a checkered past, but the animated films they have made are out of this world. With that being said today I’m talking about Superman: Red Son. This is based off a previously written graphic novel just like justice league Flash-point Paradox or the Dark Knight returns. This one offers a different origin scenario. What if Superman was Russian under Stalin rule? Red Son offers a very, interesting and accurate concept. Let’s take at it, shall we? The movie starts with a young boy growing up in Russia with the power only people can dream of , sadly one of those dreamers was Joseph Stalin. He was raised in the Soviet Union and only answered to Stalin. In America there was no Superman. So we have Lois Lane still being one of the best reporters in the world and her darling husband, Lex Luthor.  One of my favorite things about the movie is showing how different Superman’s existence is in the USSR. Lex is still a rich scientist with a genius intellect