Monday, December 23, 2019


By Corey Floyd
I know currently that most of you are probably watching some Disney+ and that’s perfectly fine, but hear me out for just a second, I was on Netflix, the other day and stumbled upon an interesting little nugget of a show. What do you get when you cross Lord of the flies, mad Max fury Road, and Anna John Hughes's movie?
You get a show called Daybreak!
It’s a funny, quiet, action-packed and smart meta dark comedy. This is one of those shows that prove that despite losing a lot of Disney related content on their platform they still have quite a diverse arsenal. 

The cast is quite an interesting group of people you’ve seen once or twice, and they added a legend… for the sauce. The main character is Josh Wheeler, a young smart Canadian thrown into a Californian wasteland. He is played by Colin Ford who has been working steadily over the last 10 years mostly on the show “Under the Dome.” Then we have Austin Crute who is doing really well for himself. He first appeared on the scene as Justin Bieber in the hip hop/ Twin Peaks phenomenon known as Atlanta. He also delivered comedy gold in the criminally underrated movie “Booksmart.” In “Daybreak” he is Wesley Fists who has to juggle a lot of internal issues on top of avoiding a zombie-like death. Then you have the Legend Matthew Broderick. The golden boy of screen and stage plays the kindhearted cannibal principal. 
Ferris Bueller has literally left the building. 

The show is very creative in its tone even while giving you character narration that breaks the fourth wall. It doesn’t smash the fourth wall like Deadpool, it’s softer… think Zach Morris from saved by the bell. The overall story of the season is about Josh trying to save his “true love” Samaria in a post-apocalyptic setting that divides the town into different groups. The separation is literally based on their social status prior to the bomb going off and of course, the largest group is the jocks. They go full Fury Road and it’s hilarious and scary. There are a few other sets that have their own work and their own creed something that hopefully you’ll check out as soon as possible. 
The writing staff is a lot of fresh faces and I believe that for some, this may be their big break. If they have a head writer, I’m sure it’s Aron Eli Coleite. He was a writer on “Heroes” and “Crossing Jordan.” The writing staff has a real good knack for world-building as well as dark humor. 

I know there might be some post-apocalyptic fatigue going on. The Walking Dead is still a thing plus some of my fellow gamers are playing Death Stranding. But, I have to say this is a surprisingly good show and you need to go check it out. That’s why I’m doing my best not to get into spoiler territory.  But there’s one thing I do wanna say take everything the narrators say with a huge spoonful of salt. You won’t be disappointed. 

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