Monday, March 25, 2019


The DCEU has had a very checkered history, to say the least. After the so-so Batman versus Superman and the very confusing highly colorful Suicide Squad we got glimpses of Hope with Wonder Woman then we lost hope with Justice League then we got a little bit more hope with Aquaman.

Then there's Shazam!

This would be the first official outing for the dceu stepping away from its darker themed contemporaries, unlike the previous DC entries Shazam comes in more delightful instead of ominous brooding followed by Hans Zimmer musical score.

Shazam is about a young boy named Billy Batson who is given wonderful magical powers that make him look like an adult man with strength speed wisdom to use as good in the world. Too bad Billy Batson is a very immature 14-year-old kid who lives in a very funny and fictitious version of Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Angel Asher who plays Billy Batson actually puts on a very convincing performance especially since the role of the child is just as important as the role of the hero. The main character is actually playing played by

Zachary Levi

who most of you might remember as Chuck. Mark Strong who most of you might remember from the kingsman series he's inside this DC film as Doctor Sivana the villain possessed by the seven deadly sins. This is hands down one of the best DCEU films to date. How is that possible you may ask it's actually pretty simple! No, literally the story is very simple the bad guy wants this thing the good guy has to stop him from this thing. There are cute kids there's a heartfelt message about family and then the movie is over.

Now naturally I'm not going to sit here and actually spoil the entire film that's not what I'm about to do. It's not why I'm here but what I am going to say is for as simple as this film is they actually get all the points right. Which has been rather difficult for most DC films even Aquaman has four different stories going on and just the one film and it got to a point where me personally I stopped caring. Now heads up, this film is also very funny even corny funny but it's still very good. They did just enough to let you know that there's going to be a sequel and some

post-credit scenes.

Of course, I'm not going to tell you what they are cuz you need to watch it yourself but the few weeks maybe we'll sit down and talk about that at the during one of our podcast which I definitely hope you are listening to. I'm trying my best not to give away too much but I can say this the visuals in this film are outstanding everyone's giving a great performance great work from the child actor actors and actresses almost made me tear up at one point when you see the film you'll know exactly where it is.  If you're from Philadelphia you'll find it very hilarious because their movie version of Philadelphia is very ridiculous especially from a Philly guys point of view especially when you see their version of SEPTA.

Now of course most DC films get a very high level of scrutiny from the audience and David Sandberg the director was actually ready and waiting for the internet to get angry but after seeing this film personally I'd rather give him a handshake he's literally showed you how to do a proper film now I just need everyone else to get in line. looking at you Flash movie!!! But overall I give this film an A + film. It didn't make itself too complicated because it didn't need to be too complicated everyone filled in their exact role to perfection it was the first time in a long time I can actually say I have absolutely no problems with this film it's almost fair to say might be perfect. But of course, that's just my opinion naturally I'd love to hear back from you don't be afraid that put something in the comments also please check out our YouTube page and of course our podcast the amerime junkies all these can be found plus more at AMERIMEMEDIA.COM.


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