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Time to rage In: Rage in Peace

When it comes to game difficulty, all of us have our own preferences. Some of us want an easy stroll and we are more concerned with the story, some of us want the game to kick us in the nards and whip us ‘til we call him daddy. Rage in Peace would be the latter. This is a supplementary review, if you want to see my first impressions of the game right after I was done playing it, go check the video down below.

There are types of platformer games that are designed to be hard as all heck! And let me tell you, Rage in Peace is one of them. Rage in Peace joins the ranks of games like Super meat boy, Cuphead or even fan-made sadistic contraptions like “I wanna be the guy” and “Syobon Action” (Lovingly know as Cat Mario). Like the later games that I mentioned, Rage in Peace boils down to a game of Simon said but with a lot more death! You will die in this game of memory, you just have to remember how you died and avoid the trap next time hoping wherever you landed to skipped said trap doesn’t kill you as well.

What makes Rage in Peace stand out from the rest is the story. When I looked at the pictures and gameplay on the steam page of the game I didn’t realize that this game would have any type of meaningful story, but I was wrong. A lot of effort was put in the story and when the first cutscene hit it caught me by surprise. Also, this game has a great soundtrack and is used to enhance certain parts of the story with it’s timing.

Like one of my viewers said, “It has the perfect balance of nihilism & hope”. The story revolves around Timmy, a common salaryman. One day Timmy meets the Grim Reaper in an elevator and learns that he’s going to die that day. To the Grim Reaper’s surprise, Timmy is not scared or angry, just disappointed that he couldn’t accomplish his dream, and that dream is to die at home in his pajamas in his sleep with no drama. The Grim Reaper decides to let Timmy go home so he can accomplish that dream, I mean he’s going to die anyway, and so Timmy tries to leave his office and go home. The Grim Reaper might be cool with this but the universe itself is not! And it will do anything to decapitate Timmy on his way home, he was supposed to die by decapitation that day.

I have to say that I don’t play this type of game for long, but the story in Rage in Peace grabbed me. After all, what circumstance in life will make a man have a dream like the one that Timmy had? This game every now and then will hit you with some pearls of wisdom, something I didn’t expect from a game like this. Also, there’s this nostalgic feeling to the story that might make you think about certain things in your life.

This game is not for everyone. If you’re not into the whole cheap deaths thing, and games of this type, Rage in Peace will just infuriate you. But if you’re into this genre, I totally recommend Rage in Peace for the story & the comical ways that you can die, I mean, when was the last time you saw somebody die by a rapid spinning pangolin? Be warned though, this game will make you think about death and it might depress you sometimes, but also it has some uplifting messages in there so it balances itself out. Have you tried Rage in Peace? What are your thoughts on the game? Let us know. Now I return to the deepest darkest corners of my dwelling. Good-bye, for now, my friends. Don't forget to download our podcast Amerime Junkies


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