Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Comic Boss Interviews Black Streak Entertainment

1.)   Introduce yourselves to your future fans?

Terry: Black Streak Entertainment is a two-man show run by us. I am the writer and Justin is the artist. We publish and produce comics, manga, movie scripts, and books from our African American perspectives. Justin also dabbles in animation and video game development.

2.)   What made you start Black Streak?

Terry: We have always been fans of pop and indie culture, be it comics, animation, anime, video games, or any other artistic works. Unfortunately, there is a lack of black representation in these areas, so we wanted to do our part to change that. We want to show that black people are not a monolith - that we have different likes and dislikes, and that we are into the comics, animation, and fantasy scene as well. 

3.)   Can you tell me about Pulse and Becky aka Milk and Coffee

Justin: Pulse and Becky are two main characters in a visual novel trilogy that I am developing titled “The Primary Series”. There’s not a lot to say about it now because I don’t want to spoil it for anybody, but there will be twists and it will be dark.

The Primary series will be split into three parts. The first is Primary Red (subtitle pending), the second being Primary Yellow:  Milk and Coffee and the last being Primary Blue: (subtitle pending). As you can see the trilogy deals with the three primary colors. Each story will have that color as the main element in the plot. This series will be influenced by story elements found in the Bible, mostly the stories of the Old Testament and the Book of Revelation.

4.)   What other characters/stories are y'all developing right now?

Terry: I’m wrapping up work on an urban fantasy script that is influenced by West African mythology from various tribes and cultures. It’s something that’s never been done before, so we are looking forward to revealing it to our patrons on our Patreon website. We will be turning it into a graphic novel.

The story dives into what it means to know yourself and your African roots, and the power that comes with that knowledge. That is a power that was stripped away from us when our ancestors were kidnapped from West Africa, severing our ties from our ancestry in Africa - I don’t think even black folks realize how much that has damaged us over the last 400 years. My hope for this story is that those who read it will be encouraged to search for the truth behind their ancestry before white colonization and slavery. Speaking from experience, it’s very empowering to know about the tribes and culture that you come from in Africa. It’s given me a stronger sense of identity.

Justin: I’m working on a game called “Black Quest”. It makes me upset that there is a lack of black (African American) games.  We have stereotypical games like the ones with a gangster theme (I really hate this theme) or based on a black celebrity… that’s about it. I want games that have an all-black cast where they are in space fighting aliens or on an epic quest to save the world from an overlord.  Why can’t a black guy be the hero of a fantasy RPG?

This is where Black Quest comes into play. This game will be like the classic arcade game “Gauntlet”, but all of the characters will be black fantasy characters.  It will not be a complete clone of Gauntlet, but it will be based off of it.  Gauntlet is a game where you go around maze-like stages filled with hoards of monsters. The goal is to get to the exit of each level. It’s a simple top-down shooter kind of game. This is not going to be a type of game that will cram the blackness of the characters down your throat. It will just be a fun, polished game that happens to have an all-black cast of characters.

Black Quest will have 8 character classes to choose from, but only a maximum of 4 can be played at once. The classes are Black Knight, Black Cleric, Black Witch, Black Dancer, Black Hunter, Black Elf, Black Thief, and Black Dwarf.  Four male characters and four female characters.  Each character will have their own stats and attacks.  I also plan on having leveling up and different campaigns in the game to keep it from getting boring.
5.)   I see y'all are playing with animation right now is that the future for Black Streak Ent?

Yes, we would love to have our published works adapted into animated and live-action productions.

6.)   Can we buy any of the manga series now? If not when can we get our grubby hands on them?

Terry: For now we are publishing our comics and manga on our Patreon website When you join and become a patron, you will gain access to our books, comics, and manga, as well as the latest news for all of the projects we are working on. We also offer the chance for our patrons to connect with us in live chats and Q&A sessions.

Justin: Our goal is to build a large audience on Patreon so we can go to major publishers and producers with an army of fans behind us. The more fans we have signed up as patrons, the greater the chance major publishers will publish and distribute our comics, manga, and books, and the greater the chance that studios will cut deals with us to turn our works into animated and live-action productions. That’s why we’re calling on everyone reading this to go to our Patreon site and become a patron at

7.)   How can people get in touch with Y'all

Twitter: @BlackStreakE


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