Friday, November 9, 2018

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina part 1 (Review)

 Around this time last year, Netflix said they were doing a new Sabrina The Teenage Witch series. I was thinking… cool we need a new funny Sabrina show with a new talking cat and fun Aunts.

Then I saw that first trailer. Whoa!
I didn’t think this was going to be a fun romp into magic. After further scrutiny, I found that It is actually based on a Comic book with a much darker tone. This is not for the little kids!! This is a 16+ show so please don't let the younglings watch.
Both shows start the same it's almost her 16th birthday and she needs to make a choice of staying in school with mortals or going to school with other witches and learn her craft. But in this case, she has to give her soul to Lucifer literally. Let me break down the Spellman clan with a little help from the sorting hat. First, there's Aunt Zelda old witch and waspy witch very high brow aka Slytherin house.

Then we have her sister Heilda. The sweet one always nice and friendly. The opposite of her sister. That's why they get along for the most part. Even when she's mad she still uses restraint and kindness.
                                                             Hufflepuff Cleary.

Remember Salem the wisecracking cat? Well in this series he's just a familiar that doesn't talk. All the quips go to Ambrose Spellman. But the Salem of the old series does share something with Ambrose. A fitting punishment, he's not a cat but he has been stuck at the Spellman estate for 75 years due to a few bad choices. He helps where he can, gives good advice and is always ready to say I told you so.
                                                              Hello Ravenclaw!!!

Then we have Sabrina. But she’s no Gryffindor. She's not even sure if she wants to be a witch. Especially if it means selling your soul and leaving your friends behind. She would then go to a new school and make new friends or enemies 
. It gives a fresher angle to the double life conundrum that has plagued a lot of superhero characters over the years. It's not the whole season it's only part 1 and I'm clamoring for more. I'm also waiting for the inevitable crossover with Riverdale on the CW which is already dropping a hint of magic in the air. Sorry guys I don't want to go into details of the show cause it's not even done yet. But It's something worth watching. If you want a creepy good time with interesting characters and good visual effects both practical and CGI this is right up that alley. But please remember this IS NOT THE SABRINA YOU REMEMBER!!!!  If you can handle something new I'm sure you'll love it.
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