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Amerime Cinema: Venom movie review

A few years ago sony pictures made a deal to lend Spider-Man to the MCU hence Spider-Man homecoming. But since then Sony has still been rather bitter or not, being able to make their own mark with their own cinematic universe so now they are trying to do something very new and very daring. They're going to try to make a Spider-Man less Spider-Man universe. I know that sounds weird but hear me out. They want to use other characters from the Spider-Man universe and build off of that and still be separate from the MCU. Now first I was just like okay maybe it's a joke too much coke perhaps.  
Then they announced that their first movie was going to be Venom. 
Clearly, I thought these guys really have lost their damn mind how are you going to do a Venom movie without Spider-Man I mean it's kind of the whole purpose of Venom existing if I'm perfectly honest. Then they went and cast Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock. Hardy is literally one of the most bankable and best actors of our time so I guess they had to be serious. I had to take it a little more seriously if they were able to get him on for the film. I saw the first trailer where it was marketed more like a horror movie and I was just like okay, then they actually showed Hardy turn into venom and I was like oh s*** this is awesome, but then they announced a few weeks before its release it's going to be PG-13 and then I was like meh. I did lose a little bit of interest when they announced the PG-13 rating because we're talking about a character that literally eats people to survive at times and I have a weird feeling that when the DVD Blu-ray is ready there's going to be a rated R version but it seems like Sony wants to play it safe just in case the movie fails and Kevin Feige  can swoop in and Save the Day.  But anyway Here's Venom
The Venom movie takes a lot of an adaptation from the Venom lethal predator comic book series. They play it very very loose but still at the same time faithful to the original material. Eddie Brock is a journalist in San Francisco with his fiance and he finds out that this company the life Foundation where they say they're working on rocket ships but Eddie already has his suspicions that they experiment on people and people died he tries to confront the head of the company and ends up getting castrated figuratively of course. Fired, his fiance leaves him and things are not looking good. But suddenly he gets a break and finds out there's a way to sneak into that lab and see what's going on. He did succeed at getting in but he ended up leaving out with a new friend the Symbiote who calls himself Venom. They were greeted by a great escape scene when he gets home. We're also greeted by some great new versions of dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde when it comes to the back-and-forth communication between Venom and Brock that we supposed to be funny but most of it is odd. Meanwhile, on the other side of the World, a symbiote by the name of Riot is trying to get back to space so he can bring more of his people back to take over the world.

It was all beautiful and shit even the heavy 3rd act CGI fight that if you pause it at the right moment makes a badass screensaver. Here's where things fall apart a lil bit. Most of the dialogue in this movie is trash and it's really off like it's supposed to be funny but it's not and it's weird because the director Ruben Fleisher is good with this material. He's the director behind Zombieland, Gangster Squad, 30 minutes or less, Superstore and even the Santa Clarita diet which is f****** hilarious or Netflix. He has been able to deliver action, horror, dark comedy and dry humor.
flawlessly. Let's look at the writers! Okay well, first we have Jeff Pinkner who was a writer and producer on the show Fringe and Alias both damn good shows. Then there's Scott Rosenberg who's most known as the writer for Con-Air and Gone in 60 Seconds it's bad when you're only known for Nicolas Cage movies. Then we have Kelly Marcel who's most known as the screenplay writer for 50 Shades of Grey well I see what's wrong here and I only have one thing to do.

No, luckily the action sequences in this movie save it and it really does. Tom Hardy Superstardom saves this movie as well I don't think it's going to be as big as a success as Sony wants it to be. The opening weekend alone was 80 million dollars which is great but the problem is they're still in the hole because the budget for the film is a 100 million dollars. So they still have quite the uphill battle when it goes over to China maybe things will turn out better in the long run Iris Lee I do believe it's going to make it make its money back but it is it is it going to be profitable enough for Sony to start green-lighting a sequel which they've already woven into the storyline? Since at the end of the movie Eddie Brock has an interview with Cletus Cassidy who's already hinting at Carnage.
 I mean you could go to theaters and check this out if you want or you can wait for it to come out in DVD believe it or not it's not a failure but it's also not great either it's okay, it's good. 

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