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Antman and the WASP……. Meh (A salty review) By Corey Floyd

Okay back in May we watched the culmination

 of ten years of storytelling lead up to one of the most emotional moments in the current film. Now as we wait for the ending of that saga its time for some heart filled filler. Hence Antman and the Wasp. Time to wipe away those tears and stop shitting on Starlord for a moment and get lost in some San Francisco espionage.  

Yeah, I was not the happiest of campers with this outing but it's not a dumpster fire like Thor the Dark World. It justs sets up things the wrong way. It's bad enough this the first MCU film after the Infinity war I feel like they were set up to fail from the beginning.  It’s the equivalent go on stage after Michael Jackson and your Taylor Hicks (google him).

The cast returns from the last one Paul Rudd as Scott Lang, Lilly as the Wasp and Douglas as Hank Pym. They give stellar performances. Michelle Pfeiffer is revealed to be the original WASP and the key point of the film is to rescue her from the quantum realm. She only on film for a few minutes but she hasn't skipped a beat. 
The three amigos are back as well. They are a little more useful this time and they are a bit funnier especially with Pena as the lead stooge. We are introduced to Bill Foster (aka Goliath) played by Laurence Fishburne. Of course, we have a few villains can’t forget them. Black arms dealer Sunny Burch played by one of the HARDEST  working men in the industry right now
Walton Goggins is there anything he can’t do? In today's round of disposable Marvel Villains, I introduce you to GHOST
   with the power to phase thru anything and equipped with deadly martial arts skills. She was created because Hank Pym caused her father to be fired and ruined his career causing him to make riskier experiments that cost him his life and affected his daughter who is constantly being torn apart at a cellular level but the suit helped her control it. She was then turned into an assassin by SHIELD and now is trying to find a cure herself. She is played by Hannah John Kamen you might remember her as Omela from Game of Thrones. Her overall performance is okay luckily they didn't kill her so I hope to see her make an MCU return. The films action sequences are damn good and fun and it seems like they were simple in making them when in doubt shrink it or make it bigger. Michael Douglas had more to say this time around instead of just exposition, In the last movie he just seem like the guy in a video game that told what happened while you were away, he even has a few jokes.  I have one huge problem that I need to address.        
Fresh off the boat star Randall Park was in this movie as the FBI investigator who monitors Scott. It was criminally Horrible. It's not his fault the writing literally turned him into the new exposition machine and made him seems like a moron and all around not funny. He was not utilized properly here I would have like to see him join the three amigos. I really hope the blooper reel has some gems in it cause watching him was like watching Iron Fist slow torture. I feel like the theme was supposed to be family but I can’t help but think its Hank Pym is an asshole. He makes just as many bad calls as Tony Stark but on a smaller scale (pun not intended).  It made me start to wonder about Edgar Wright’s vision for the series. I give it a C grade its okay but at least it’s not the Thor Dark World. I do appreciate that the bonus scene reveals when the movie takes place. It 4 days before the snap and sadly it leaves Scott trapped In the Quantum realm. But don’t worry they will be back. On the plus side its still better than the best DC film.  
Catch you guys next time. Stay Salty my friends 

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