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Top 5 Games I'm looking for at E3

A few weeks ago a list was "leaked" of all the games that are going to be shown at E3. Well, I don't know if its true or not but there are a few games that I'm super excited to see above all. We've seen some of the big boys jump the gun and hold a Pre E3 with Activision showing off the new Call of Duty, Bethesda showing Rage 2 and a trailer for Fallout 76 (one of my five), Ubisoft leaked the new Assassin Creed again this time we're going to Greece. And finally, Dice held a press conference to show off the new Battlefield with women on the cover and gamers are losing their mind but more on that at a later time. But, here are my Top Five Game I'm looking forward to. 

1. Fallout Vault 76: Another thing gamers are losing their minds over trying to decipher every little thing about the trailer. Yes, Besthda gave away some hints it will be the earliest fallout we have played only 25 years after the bombs fell. And, it will be set in Virginia. Mostly everything else is set to speculations Will it be an MMO? hopefully not Will it have some form of online gameplay? Hopefully yes. Will they expand on the building settlement from Fallout 4 most likely It's been said that Bethesda used Fallout 4 settlement building as an experiment for they further Fallout titles? Here are some things I want from Fallout 76. I want online gameplay in the form of co-op gameplay and settlement building. I want to play with my friends visit the world their building to see their towns. Help them on missions and share the loot take it back to my game. As far as the building/settlement system I want everything Bethesda has and make everything snappable Fallout 4 was so frustrating nothing snapped, walls hung in the air. It sucked even more because I play on PS4 so all the mods that fixed the issues Sony wouldn't allow. One more thing allows me to build anywhere I want some of the settlements were worthless as far as building there unless you used mods. Hopefully, Bethesda gets it done or at least really close

2. The Walking Dead: Tale Tell had a great run with the Clementine stories but I can't wait to play this version by Overkill Studio with Skybound which is Robert Kirkland company. (The creator of the Walking Dead.) So far we've only seen the three trailers. I'm curious what path are they going to take it down. Will it be community building like State of decay 2 or will it be a story-driven adventure game like Days Gone another one I'm going broke over? But, so far all the trailers showed was 3 individuals at their point in the world after it's gone to shit I'm looking forward to some gameplay and maybe some cameos.

3. Dragon Age: This is one of my favorite games I had to stop playing inquisition to write this. It was hard and I've bee feening for a new one since. I don't know anything just rumors but it was on the so-called leaked list but since there is no gameplay and or trailer I, we won't see it for a while.

4. Death Stranding: I love Hideo Kojima but Death Stranding is him off the leash and I'm afraid and excited at the same time. Can anyone tell me what this game is about is it a horror game? Is it an adventure game? What is the actual story? Someone, please tell me something Kojima just teases us year after year I just want to see some gameplay. And this is the year I hope either way I'm playing it 

5. Shenmue 3: It's been 17 years 17 long years for the first sandbox game this is what it means to be a fan. Kingdom Hearts fans know what I'm talking about. Another game set to release this year. 3 years ago they announced that they will be bringing back one of the best games ever made but it was up to the fans to get it made. And it was posted to Kickstarter for the world to take part of. and I was one of them this game was funded within the 10 hours posted not only that it exceeded that need by 4 million. With that, you'd think we would have a fleshed out game by now but they pushed it back from last year to next year. They're are supposed to be at E3 this year to show off some finished gameplay and I'm here for it. At least you can buy Shenmue one and two for the Xbox One and PS4 hold us over until it hits consoles next year.

Those are my top 5 what are yours? Comment below and share this with your friends. E3 is only 5 days away a lot of questions will be answered some will just leave us with more questions, either way, I will be front and center for it all. 


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