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Deadpool 2 Electric Boogaloo (Movie Review) By Corey Floyd.

Well after a wild marketing campaign that includes a mariachi band playing for David Beckham to a Music Video with Celine Dion finally I'm watching  Deadpool 2. The first few minutes we catch up with Deadpool, not to Deadpooler than the last one.  He's still crazy,  funny, and deadly and in love.  We spend the beginning showing Wades comedy style killing frenzy across the world and still makes it home late for his girl.  She doesn't care because she loves him. Not too long after that, henchmen came to their place and Vanessa is killed.

 Naturally, he doesn't take it to well. Ironically this does not become another revenge movie he catches the guy minutes later. Embracing him in a hug and throwing both of them into oncoming traffic. Of course, he survived but not for lack of trying,  he takes it to the next extreme by blowing up their apartment and himself along with it. 

 He damages his body to the point that he's so close to death.  He literally in a room with Vanessa but can't reach her.  It's like a loading screen.
 ( which is like in the comics where he at that loading screen but its death talking to him,  which reminds me I'm starting to have a theory that Vanessa is death).  

When he comes back he finds himself inside the X-Men mansion with Colossus and negasonic teenage Warhead. After a few backs and forth with Colossus and another Chat that why they're the only few in the X-Men mansion with a quick Easter egg showing the entire cast of X-Men. Deadpool is finally convinced to join the team. They go to the Essex school to help a mutant having a severe breakdown mentally and physically with his fire powers they show up in the scene to help a young man by the name of Russell his mutant name is fire fist.

 Deadpool realizing that he can't go in every situation trying to kill everyone actually tries to talk the kid down til the kid reveals something very dark about the school he's been attending they're torturing and abusing young mutants which is a huge No-No on Deadpool's list so sadly he goes ballistic and kills a few of the guards gets arrested and has a power dampening collar put on him eliminating his regenerative powers. 

That enough play by play you cheap fool!!!!  But seriously I love Ryan Reynolds he hasn't had a bad day on film since 2 guys a girl….  He returns as the Merc with the mouth like he never left.  TJ Miller is……..  TJ Miller.
Impressive work from Josh Brolin as the time-traveling ass kicking Cable.  

He really is a comic book Juggernaut,  several weeks ago he destroyed half the universe in Infinity war as Thanos.  Now he trying to kill some kid who has fire powers. Brianna Hildebrand was as sharp as ever as Nega sonic,  Stefan Kapicic did another great job as Colossus the morals part of the film.

Of course, we need to all about X FACTOR!!.  This X-Men spinoff crew gets its first taste of the live action treatment.  We already knew that Zazie Beetz would be playing Domino the luckiest Mercenary ever. She puts on a great performance and is accompanied by Bill ( yes I'm Pennywise from IT)  Skarsgard as Zeitgeist the acid spitter and Terry Crews as Bedlam the electricity manipulating badass Bedlam.  Along with an Alien, a dude named Peter and an Invisible Brad Pitt ( literally)  join this elite team.  Just for all of them to die in horrible yet in comedic fashion except for Domino. Yes! all those commercials where you kept hearing x force were shit on in 30 seconds after hopping out a helicopter and I loved it.  It slapped me in the face for thinking I knew what was gonna happen next which is very predictable in a lot of films cases. 

Plus the two stars of the movies come over from D.C with Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern and Josh Brolin as Jonah Hex

The movie has a few flaws in it but due to the nature of the writers and producers, I feel that they are intentional.  Now here's my biggest issue.  The action scenes were good but they felt short.  Mind you the director is the same man behind the John Wick series so my expectations were high and I feel that they were not met. I feel that the action was lacking and that long action scenes where 13 guys get taken out in violent but funny ways. Also, there's no big villain Cable is not really a bad guy neither is the teenage Firefist and Juggernaut Is not Headliner.

 Even the schoolmaster of the Essex school is just a regular crazy man. The last few minutes and charmingly predictable.  But the credit scenes make up for it.  It’s better than that first but only by a small margin.  Reynolds says there's a better chance at an X-Force movie than a third Deadpool and I'm okay with that and I look forward to it.  Even Reynolds knows that Deadpool can “Jump the Shark”.  Deadpool 2 Grade A-
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