Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Casting Thoughts By Corey Floyd

Recently John Boyega was seen at Marvel Studios and no one has heard anything since. My thoughts were in the air but an artist Boss Logic made something that got me thinking.   Now hear me out I know it sounds crazy but now that I see it in front of me it’s not crazy at all. We have seen the body transformations from Marvel before. John is in good shape but he’s not in Marve shape in a few months he could be the next Blade. Now I know there a few thousand of you out there yelling “Wesley Snipes is the only Blade blah blah blah “ I like Wesley I really do but at 55 I don’t see him moving like he used to and it’s time for younger blood. He wasn’t even moving like his old self in Blade Trinity.

I’m digging into Iron Heart again. Now a while back I had a few choices on the matter you can check them out here http://www.amerimewire.com/2017/05/whos-next-part-two.html but after watching Black Panther I have a new idea. What if Shuri became Iron Heart? It’s not a far-fetched idea. What if Stark walks away from the mantle and Shuri picks it up. She has already proved that she has the brains and the heart ( lame Joke I know ) to get it done. Hey Feige cut me a check !!.

I don’t think Jesse Eisenberg should be Lex Luthor. I’m pretty sure everyone else can agree with me on this. In BvS his performance is awkward off-putting. There were some good parts but they are far and in-between. I want to reimagine things.  

I think Billy Zane would be a perfect fit as Lex Luthor. His rich smugness naturally flows off him like water. Especially if you remember him in Titanic and Tales from the Crypt.  He also gives the DC animations fans something to talk about
The last one for today since have not seen bullseye in Daredevil its still Open Season and anybody can play the part my thought is to bring in British knockout Jason Statham. Statham most known for his role as the transporter and she have Chelios from the live-action series crank and of course I member of The Expendables would be a easy shoe into the role.

  Naturally, they'll have to modernize the look of the outfit and make sure looks nothing like Colin Farrell's version from that Daredevil movie we must not speak of. He's already Marvel fit so I feel like that'll be a perfect casting Choice besides after watching that trailer for The Meg I'm starting to feel that his career needs a certain boost.  That's it for this installment. Next time I should be talking about that Infinity War review. 
Today's awesome Graphic Designs were provided by Boss Logic. http://bosslogicinc.com/ Check them out !!!.

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