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My predictions about Infinity Wars and the future of the M.C.U By Comic Boss

A few weeks ago me and Salty Truth got the chance to sit down and do our podcast Amerime Junkies with Jason Richardson AKA Spider Tribble. You can listen to that HERE. For my next trick, I’m going to predict Infinity Wars and the next stage of the M.C.U. First is Infinity Wars because that’s right around the corner this WEEK!

The location of the soul stone: I believe the soul stone is in Heimdall eyes. Now before you fly off the hinges on why it can’t just hear me out. Heimdall can see anyone no matter where ever they are I don’t think he is looking for the person but he is looking at their soul instead. Like in Thor Ragnarok when Thor was calling out for him Heimdall seen an outline of Thor he was looking at Thor’s soul. Also, the ship that Thor and Loki ran into at the end of the movie was Thanos ship yes he was probably looking for the one that Loki has. But, He also was looking for Heimdall who now left the sanctity of Asgard. Lastly, Heimdall eyes are orange same color as the what Soul Stone

Deaths: Now Marvel told the Russo Bros that they can kill whoever they want. In case you didn’t hear me right not one character is safe. But, that makes no sense why would they allow characters to be killed. Characters who movies have been greenlit. People like the king of Wakanda T’Challa, Ant-Man who we see have a movie coming out soon Antman and Wasp, Spiderman and a few others. Now there are a few Characters who will die and stay dead.
  1. Heimdall which further proves my point that his character is no longer needed where is going to transport people to and from. Asgard is destroyed and as far as we know all of the Asgardians were killed when the ship was attacked at the end of Thor Ragnarok. No more Rainbow Road, no more Asgard, no more Heimdall.
  2. The Vision for the same reason as Heimdall he has a stone the Mind Stone to be exact and the Mad Titan Thanos will have it. And, seeing how he can’t survive without it he dead.
  3. Capt. America/ Nomad just cause Chris Evans contract is coming to an end and he’s not renewing it. Same with Thor and Iron Man though They all said that they will do cameos. So Chris Evans may give up the mantle of Capt. America but he’ll be around.
Phase 4: I’m so excited for phase four the MCU can go in so many different directions but here’s what I will think will happen.

The rise of the Fantastic Four: With this struggling brand back home in Marvel's hands I suspect they got some things planned. Seeing that they are now reviving the comics and putting a lot of marketing behind it. Also in Spiderman Homecoming Tony Stark moved out of Stark Towers and that will be the new home of the Fantastic Four. With Marvel and Disney bucks behind it and some amazing writers who seem to actually read the comics, this may be the movie we wanted all along. One last thing I want John Krasinski to be Reed Richards what do you think about it

Welcome home X-MEN: Time to find a new Wolverine unless Hugh Jackman wants to come back (please come back) and a whole new cast

Next big bad guy: I think it’s going to be Galactus. The Avengers and now hopefully the X-Men with the Fantastic 4 will face off against the next celestial which will be Galactus and that means the silver surfer.

Weather my Swamy predictions pan out or not is ok but they will. Either way, we have a lot to look forward to for many movies to come.
P.S don't forget to check our latest interview with master shake voice actor Dana Snyder


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