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My predictions about Infinity Wars and the future of the M.C.U By Comic Boss

A few weeks ago me and Salty Truth got the chance to sit down and do our podcast Amerime Junkies with Jason Richardson AKA Spider Tribble. You can listen to that HERE . For my next trick, I’m going to predict Infinity Wars and the next stage of the M.C.U. First is Infinity Wars because that’s right around the corner this WEEK! The location of the soul stone: I believe the soul stone is in Heimdall eyes. Now before you fly off the hinges on why it can’t just hear me out. Heimdall can see anyone no matter where ever they are I don’t think he is looking for the person but he is looking at their soul instead. Like in Thor Ragnarok when Thor was calling out for him Heimdall seen an outline of Thor he was looking at Thor’s soul. Also, the ship that Thor and Loki ran into at the end of the movie was Thanos ship yes he was probably looking for the one that Loki has. But, He also was looking for Heimdall who now left the sanctity of Asgard. Lastly, Heimdall eyes are orange same c

A Quiet Place Review By Corey Floyd

A few weeks ago I came across a trailer for a quiet place. It looked like a typical family film but then a kid got mauled for playing with a toy car. Okay, you have my curiosity. Then I saw John Krasinski was in it with a killer beard. Naturally, I was a huge fan of the prankster from the office so I knew I had to see it. Whenever you get funny actors playing serious parts you get gold. The movie takes place somewhere in mid-America about 2 years after an alien attack. To keep the mystique of the creature there is no origin story behind it. Only a few things are known about them. They are blind and they kill anything that makes a sound. So John and his family live out there days surviving in silence. His wife is played by his real-life wife Emily Blunt so their chemistry is natural. Her character is pregnant and it looks like she could go into labor any minute. The kids fit in with no problem it actually adds more to it since their oldest daughter is deaf and uses a hear