Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Gaslight gets Greenlight! Movie Reveiw (some spoiler) By Corey Floyd

Gotham by Gaslight was a one shot made back in 1989. It shows a 19th century gotham and of course a 19th century Batman.  It was super popular and have received a sequel. Both were written by Mike Mignola most know for the Hellboy series. Now we fast forward to 2018 were it has been adapted into animated movie. It was directed by Sam Liu who has been under for the confusing take on The Killing Joke. That hiccup has been forgotten with this trip to another timeline.  
In this story Gotham is being plagued by the most infamous serial killer of all time Jack the Ripper. In this tale of “Who did it” we see a lot of familiar DC faces.  Selina Kyle (above) is still a badass being played by Jessica Carpenter.      We get a surprise easter egg with not one but three Robins as wayward orphans  who play a small role in the film.  The film starts with the death of one of my favorite villains (OOPS SPOILER!!). If you have never heard of this film your gonna have a real good time watching it it's suspenseful and of course action packed. If you loved the comic you will be fan as well. Make sure you go out and buy or download it today. Jack the Ripper VS. The Dark Knight Image result for gotham by gaslight gif 8/10. Oh cool story DID YOU KNOW there was suppose to be a game about this story  ? its true hit this link. Thats it from me this week but be sure to check us out on youtube. Next Dc animated film has already released a title I dont wanna give anything away but. Looks like the squad is back together!!!!


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