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Top 9 masks in Anime

By Rin Banditt & Corey Floyd

Kidd Bandit and I were sitting around the the other day talking about anime & stuff while she was working on a mask. We began to ponder who has the best mask in anime. So, after talking about it like adults, and screaming at each other like toddlers...Image result for arguing gif
we came up with the top nine masks. Of course this is only our opinion, feel free to comment with your two cents. We are only covering masks in the world of anime or manga, masks in any other genre will be saved for another day.
10. Seiko Kimura - Danganronpa
   Image result for seiko kimura danganronpa gif
at the bottom of our list is the most simple mask, but the same cannot be said for the character. She wears her fashionable flu mask to hide her braces. As the “Ultimate Pharmacist” she uses pills to power herself up. Sadly she doesn’t survive the show, but her look was noteworthy nonetheless .
9. Lorenzo Cuticle Detective Inaba    
This face is something, it can be as scary as it is cute. Lorenzo is an assistant with Don Valentino who is very protective over the boss. It reminds me of the scarecrow from batman but just not as scary.
8. Rin Onigawara Armed  Girls Machiavellism
Image result for rin onigawara gif
She rocks a very unique Oni mask. This master sword wielder of the supreme 5 swords is a merciless fighter that makes kids quit school and look cool while doing it.
7. Rider- Carnival Phantasm
This character is a very big fan favorite of the series. Me and Banditt went back and forth because I wanted to call her Medusa (because that’s who she is) Banditt disagreed, very colorfully. lol She rocks a very mysterious mask that looks more like a trap for your face. It’s very odd but provocative look.
5  Adam  Taurus  RWBY  
Image result for adam taurus mask
I love this guy’s mask! RWBY is a fun series. His mask design is a blend of Bleach & Naruto. I’ve only seen him once, but I can’t forget that sleek style.
4. Chaser John Doe - Yumekui Merry  
This very creepy character rocks what I can only call a Cat demon skull for a mask. He considers himself an ally of truth, so he holds no footing as a good guy or bad. We're not even sure if he’s  human to be honest, but that mask is something you can’t forget.
3. Killer - One Piece
Image result for killer one piece gif
I love this Pirates Mask. It’s the mask of a man with a 200,000,000 million bounty on his head. His full face mask and what appears to be a headphone design is pretty badass. It also reminds me of a certain member of a music group  Image result for daft punk gif
Tobi - Naruto
Image result for tobi naruto gif Image result for tobi naruto gif
Probably one of the most misunderstood characters in the series, however, his mask is as cool as his exits. Pumpkin colored with one eye-hole for a long time he was shrouded in mystery. His mask didn’t incite fear but his actions did, which makes him our number two.
Kaneki - Tokyo Ghoul Image result for kaneki tokyo ghoul

Image result for kaneki tokyo ghoul gif
YES !! I guess a lot of you thought this would be number one. Kaneki the one- eyed ghoul. Hands down one of the creepiest protagonists in a anime series in a long time. His mask looks like it was conceived by a leather gimp mask and the wrestler Mankind’s mask. With it’s lip-less face and large gnashing teeth, his mask is disturbingly cool and it's not even its final form.  
There are too many honorable mentions, so maybe next time we will just do another list in the future. Banditt and I had a lot of fun arguing, I mean, making this one. If we missed your favorite let us know about it meanwhile don’t forget to check out the website and grab some sweet gear OLD SCHOOL TEE.


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