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By Corey Floyd
Hey everyone!! Long time no see right well we’ve been working on a lot of stuff for our YouTube so be sure to subscribe https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0IdIjfKgte3_dQ44neE5Yw . Meanwhile, if you're part of the gaming community you have been well aware of what’s going on. Electronic Arts (EA) is in a lot of hot water over Star Wars Battlefront 2 loot crate issue. In the game, you can just play your way through and work hard and maybe you will unlike Luke Skywalker in 2000 game hours or spend up 10 100 dollars in real money and maybe you get it in a lootcrate. Also, the game offers in-game advantages. It gives more opportunity to some with more money. It also has a gambling element that I find disturbing especially since there will be a lot of children playing this.
This is not the first time EA has screwed people over. Back in 2006, the Madden football series ruled with an Iron Fist. Until ESPN NFL 2K showed up and offered a better game better features, and for 20 bucks. EA was scared they realized that their days were numbered. They knew that next year they would lose their fans. So instead of getting into a game war pushing developers to be better. Instead, EA bought the right to the NFL. SO no one could make a football game with NFL players but them.
ESPN could not make another football game. This also meant that NFL Blitz would no longer be a thing. Some developers tried to make games without using league players.
It did not work out too well.
Football fans didn’t care but as time has gone on they realize that EA has been lazily phoning it in ever since. They are also behind destroying other game companies off pure negligence.  
When reddit was in an uproar of the microtransactions EA reddit response was abysmal.
Currently, this is the most downvoted comment in reddit history by 600,000 votes.
EA does not care as long as the money is coming in they will keep phoning it in.  Monday the money was going out the window. By the end of Monday, the 4th of December EA dropped 5 points if I translate that to money I’m talking 2.3 billion dollars and that’s a rough estimate. Is it a big blow? Not really their net worth is around 28 billion but it sends a message. That they need stop treating the consumer like a nerd and turning us upside down and shaking every last cent off of us.
Blizzard is doing a fine job at loot crates.

Character skins are in!!  Halo 5 also want you to be a better player before you bet items too.  They offer a gold pack you can buy with in-game point or with real-world cash.

Now here’s the deal, if you're more about money and less about playing this is gonna suck for you. Cause the Gold pack items you get are based your rank in the game so if your a recruit buying gold packs don't expect to get the same items that a person 30 ranks above you should get. We also should not be trying to sell in-game weapons for real money DESTINY 2 !! Look is it wrong that I just wanna pay between 60-0 back for a game and not have to deal with microtransactions just to have a better experience? Or is it Just me? I can wait to see EA at E3 this year. In the meantime, I will catch you guys later peace.


  1. some help would be great.
    The first Battlefront: my buddy Andy (he lives in England and I'm in Canada) and we are unable to set up any non-multiplayer games for just the 2 of us. Either his game falls apart (exits to the home and out of game), or mine will.

    We are able to connect in the multiplayer games (2-40 ppl and such) but the game will "Force" quit when we try anything besides connecting through american's open games first.
    We want to try skirmishes and other 2 player stuff.

    So far for all of our EA games that we've tried it will not work and EA's support blamed our ISP's of using other than IPV4 IP addresses when we're both at IPV4... So the support has been crap too

    The Andromeda game got a refund with Microsoft's help. I told them the game is broken. EA told me it was my problem, I told them it was theirs and I wouldn't buy EA anymore. If I can't play with my buddy (who I play with almost exclusively) then I won't buy their games.
    The Support guy didn't seem to give a crap ..AT ALL!
    I asked him then, what the problem was other than if we had a different IP version used, I didn't know what they used in England, it is IPV4 anyways. We both are. So I asked him again what the problem was, and he blamed us without valid reason. Your xbox must be broken, or the likes of that.
    Terrible service, usually in service you try to keep a customer.
    ALWAYS a problem with EA
    Now this is just a further one.

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    1. No problem thank you for your feedback make sure you read our thoughts on other things as well and don't forget to subscribe to out youtube channel link is up top