Sunday, December 24, 2017

BRIGHT was TIGHT !!!! BY Corey Floyd

Months ago when Netflix announced they were doing a film with Will Smith I was excited. Then that Death Note movie happened. 

let's just say I lost a little confidence in Netflix. But I did not lose hope when I heard David Ayers was directing that calmed my nerves then the trailer came out and I had questions. Luckily the answers came the other day while watching Bright. 

Bright gives a world where the tales of fantasy like elves, orcs, magic etc are in our modern time. They don’t  go into details so that gives leeway for more storytelling and I appreciate that. Will Smith plays Daryl Ward a very tired LAPD officer with 5 years left to get his pension. All he has to do is survive which is pretty difficult since he just survived being shot by an orc with a shotgun. His partner is Nick Jakoby played by Joel Edgerton (the Gift) he is the only orc in the LAPD.  

Daryl like most of the Humans in the film do not like orcs. It gives a social commentary on the current racial climate by making a new target. It seems that most racism is toned down cause they all hate Orcs and are treat the black people have been treated. They even dress like us so I guess.
In this world, magic is banned and Daryl & Jacoby stumble upon a magic wand and an elf known as a Bright that can use it.   
So now it becomes a game of survival as several factions come after them an evil elf tribe, an Orc gang, latin gangsters and the feds. It’s a must watch!!

I will not give away the movie. But it is great to see David Ayer back in form after the catastrophe which was Suicide Squad. It shows an extreme difference how directors do their job when studio heads let them do their thing. Joel gives another great performance. Will Smith was great to watch came off very natural I enjoyed his performance. Yes, this movie sounds like Dungeon & Dragons meet Lethal Weapon and it works. Don’t let the critics or rotten tomatoes fool you this was fun and action-packed. The action sequences have you on the edge of your seat. Why are critics panning this doesn't add up, But then again these are the same people who called the force awakens ORIGINAL!!!!  

Make sure you check out BRIGHT on Netflix. 8/10 


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