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The Gifted: Possibly the best live action X-MEN

Let’s start with the Mutant resistance
The guy up top is Thuderbird so far his mutant powers are he has super strength, he can track people over a certain distance using the bird tattoo on his arm, and super hearing. He is basically the tracker for the group. He helps find the runaway mutants and bring them into the resistance. Next is Polaris one of Magneto children (this dude got around.) she has all the same powers as him. She shares some of his disgust for non-mutants as well I’m curious if they will explore her connection. Fox has stated it shares the same timeline with the movies so it could happen.

The next is Blink she is the most current member of the resistance she can create portals. So, she’s going to be very important to the group.

And, last but not least is their fearless leader Eclipse he hold the power of the sun in his body. Think solar flares, he can shoot it out his fingers and is one hell of a flashlight. His blood is made of light or heat from the sun.

And, now for the family the father Reed Strucker who is a federal prosecutor for the government. He puts mutants in jail. has the Stryker like vibe to him. He is the bad guy turn good because, surprise, surprise his kids are mutants. Well the daughter always knew of her powers she uses them without the knowledge of her family. The son whose abilities were dormant until he was bullied one too many times. And the mom who were thrown into the chaos trying to protect her kids.

Maybe it’s just me but if both children are mutants then I’m guessing it came from one of the parents. Meaning we have one more mutant in the family my money is on the dad. He grew up resenting mutants and suppressed his abilities.  One faithful school party the bullies decided to have fun with Andy Strucker and drag him to the boy’s shower room this is when his gifts of telekinesis and magnetism woke up. His character in the comics has a shit load of powers we’ll see which one’s fox displays in the series.

His sister Lauren Strucker on the other hand have a Last air bender style of powers that’s right she can control the elements. Now she has been using her powers for a while now but for minor stuff, stealing out of vending machines and cheating at bowling so she doesn’t know the extent of her gifts. After Andy destroys the shower room and all the lights in the school the same people his father works for. Sentinel Services (yup their here in small form.) Reed then reaches out to the Mutant Resistance for safe passage for his family to Canada.

Now for the timeline. We know it’s before Logan because mutants are still being born and not being weeded out using chemicals in food and, being killed off. But, the X-Men and Brotherhood are gone. Maybe most escaped to Eden by now or in hiding. Either way Xavier vocal voice on behalf of mutants and the academy is gone. Magneto and the brotherhood violent acts are gone. For now.
With only two shows in this show is really good. I can’t wait to see where they take it. Will some X-Men show up to help the resistance? Will the brotherhood show up and the resistance have to fight them to save a non-mutant. I left a lot out because I want you to check it out Fox and Marvel has a winner with The Gifted.

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