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BIG MOUTH!!! LOL ( Spoiler Free)

By Corey Floyd

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About  a month ago I came across a trailer for Big  Mouth. It comes off as a cartoon about a group of kids hitting puberty. Which is sweet, awkward and Innocent. But then I heard that Nick Kroll ( The Kroll Show, the League) and John Mulaney I knew this was gonna be some wild stuff. This show is a very wild ride and I loved every minute. Let me break down why this is the show you need to see.

The cast consists of some of the funniest people on television. As I already mentioned Kroll & Mulaney are writers as well as two of the main characters Andrew & NIck. Jessi Klein ( writer for Inside Amy Schumer) plays Jessi ( I know right) a young woman who has just hit puberty and not sure what to do and you meet her her new friend. Missy voiced by Jenny Slate ( Bellwether from Zootopia) who is the most level headed of the group. Then you have the wild card Jay played by Jason Mantzoukas ( Sad sax guy from regular show,  Eagle wing Kroll show) he lives in a house of aggressive males and uses magic tricks to get attention. You also have Maya Rudolph and who I think is Will Arnett (the name is not listed as the Hormone and Pheromone monster.

These two steal every scene they are in. With every off the wall comment they make they also drop real knowledge on the kids in the show.
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This show covers a lot of real situations. I don’t wanna spoil this show since its just came out and I really want people to take a look. They touch on teens questioning their sexuality , toxic households, and magical negroes. Yes they even have a magical negro in the form of Duke Ellington’s ghost played by Jordan Peele who also does a pretty good Madea Impression as

well as a interesting Freddie Mercury. I would suggest this show to everyone. If you let your kid watched stuff like Family Guy and Rick & Morty this is right up their alley only this time they might actually learn something important. Here’s the trailer I give this show 9/10 and can’t wait for a second season. Now I’m very sorry I did not give you a review of Kingman's. But I promise my next will be a good one here’s a hint.

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