Tuesday, July 4, 2017

American Gods: WHY AM I SO LATE!?

By Corey Floyd

I recall some time ago ads for a show called American Gods.It’s based off a book series. Really wasn’t sure what the hell it was about but people started talking about a lot. Mainly one scene in particular. Since no one could tell me what the show was about I began to ignore it completely. I finally sat down and watched this show and it pretty awesome. It's a clash between what was worshiped and what is worshiped now. Plus we get a really good modern look at some very old stories.

The story is about a newly released convict by the name Shadow Moon played by Ricky Whittle ( Lincoln, the 100) is burdened by the death of his wife and has to tend her funeral. Along the way, he is encountered by a mysterious yet friendly fellow who goes by the name Mr. Wednesday  (who is actually Odin)played by Ian McShane ( Winston, John Wick) give him an offer he can’t refuse. The job is to follow him on the road as they meet with other people and form an army. Moon soon discovers that these are not y
our regular soldiers.

One of them is Mad Sweeny. A surly Irishman who drinks like fish and has no problem pissing people off. Pablo Schreiber who everyone should remember as Prostate from Orange Is The New Black as the corrupt guard plays a real life Leprechaun. Forget about making him a little person. Apparently, that's just a myth besides his 6’5 stature is very fitting for this character.

Even though he looks like a smaller version of WWE superstar Sheamus don't let the hair fool you he gets a fair share of fights

The next character has only been in two scenes in the first season but is responsible for one of the most quoted scenes in the series thus far. “Evil gets shit done!” By Mr. Nancy aka Anansi. A character of West African folklore. His specialty is Knowledge of stories and in this show, he is also a snappy dresser. He is played by Orlando Jones who in my opinion is one of the hardest-working men in the business. 
He is a smooth talking storyteller that steals the scene and leaves you speechless he will easily become one of your favorites.

Now to talk about the baddies. So far the new gods based off modern Tech. While they are few in numbers their real goal is to bring the gods over to their side and merge them with modern technology which is worshiped more than the gods of old. Besides there's no App for a human sacrifice, they realize time and attention is easier than blood. The baddie above this is Technology Boy played by fresh unknown Bruce Langley. TB is an ignorant young disrespectful douchebag. These are his good qualities!! He’s everything you would hate if you're above 25. He’s is definitely a character you would love to hate.

X-Files Gillian Anderson is Media. This God is very interesting. Every time she shows up on screen she looks like someone else in media. Here she is as Marilyn Monroe. She tries to scout Moon but he’s still confused about what’s going on. she immediately separates herself from the other baddies by coming off very kind but stern. 
She also seems to be the enforcer of rules on her side as well. I can't wait to see more of her and you will too. Mainly because you will wonder who she will look like next.
Last but not least, the leader of the Tech pack is Mr. World played by Crispin Glover (Charlie's Angel’s, Willard). 
Who career is built off playing odd creepy characters? He fits right in as Mr. World who seems to use the web as his main source of power. He tries to be charismatic but it comes off as creepy and untrusting. I’m not sure if that is intentional or not but it makes TV. I haven’t given away much as in plot but this a show you need to check out.  I see this show hanging around for a while as for season one it’s a bloody good time.

Season grade A. Don’t forget to check out the best book of the summer Bloody Mary: The Coven Book one @ https://www.amerimemedia.com/shop-1


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