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We are deep into the current anime season and most of us have already made our choices of what to watch, and what to drop. So, let's have some fun discussing what's good, what's bad and what’s just weird.
Warning, the following is an opinion, my opinion, so let's not go too crazy ok? I know it’s the internet and it's common knowledge that someone is going threaten you with bodily harm or tell you that they had intercourse with your mother, but let's be civilized nerds guys.
This season has been quite interesting, compared to the previous two seasons where I didn't care much for what was airing at the time, with a few exceptions. This time, however, I actually waited with anticipation for the next episode of my current favorite anime.
Don't get me wrong, it’s not like everything this season is an amazing award-winning story but we don't have a horrendous train wreck in our hands either. So, let's start with some weirdness for funsies.

Chinese Cartoons!!

The community's most beloved “inside joke” has become a reality. Quan zhi gao shou, The King’s Avatar, is an anime that comes to us from China and it's become the talk of the town. Xiu Ye is a famous professional gamer that faces a dramatic change in his life. Despite being the best player of his team, he finds himself forced into retirement. His team has hit a bit of a rough patch and the manager decides to replace Xiu Ye with a new, younger player. The manager demands that Xiu Ye gives his account to the new player and sign the retirement papers, this means that he won’t be able to play competitively for a year, and considering Xiu Ye’s age this will probably kill his career for good. Xiu Ye has the option to just quit but doesn’t have the money to pay for breaching his contract. So, what does our hero do? Well, he finds a cyber-cafe, gets a job there and starts playing the game again.

Cheerful fellow isn’t he?
So far, it's been an interesting watch, especially the main character. Other anime would’ve put Xiu Ye on a pedestal, showing us how amazing he is in the game and real life; however, this anime is not afraid to crap on our main character. Like in the first episode his new boss teases him and sends him to get some cigarettes or something. Later we see him grinding in very boring quest in order to level his new character. Let me add that Xiu Ye’s boss is the biggest fan girl of “the God of Fighting”, Xiu Ye’s previous persona, but thanks to the fact that nobody knew his face or actual real name she doesn’t know that she hired the guy, and of course she doesn’t believe him when he tells her who he is.

No items, Fox only, Final Destination!
You were waiting for this...

Attack on Titan is finally here after a long wait. I remember when the first season came out in the 1950’s, simpler times. But yes, the anime that everyone loves, or despise, is back.
You know, I never understood the hate this anime gets from some parts of the community. Let me be clear, I’m not a fan of the series but I did watch it, and I can see why people might enjoy it.
Attack on Titan is perfect “gateway anime” to people that are not fans of the medium. For people that think that anime is just pervy cartoons, there’s no fanservice to be found. For people that think that anime is just for kids, well the gory deaths in the show can prove them wrong. It’s understandable that Attack on Titan would attract a wider, more casual audience.

Did I say no fanservice? Look at that thick skinless titan booty

 Let’s be honest though, is not a perfect show. It really loves cliffhangers, and season 2 is just chock full of them! I think every single episode so far, has ended in a flipping cliffhanger, heck there’s cliffhangers in the middle of some episodes! It has many flaws and if you have watched anime for as long as I have you might not get much out of it, but let’s not hate on it just because it’s popular because it’s not that bad. You can always hate other shows that are just as popular but actually terrible, like that one show, you know the one, I don’t want to mention names but let’s just say it starts with “Sword” and ends with “Art Online”.

Maybe I’ll tell you everything I know after a commercial break, or maybe not, stay tuned

Is it a bird, is it a plane? No, is a tournament arc!

Boku no Hero Academia also has a second season and it is what every Shounen anime needs, a tournament arc.
I don’t watch that many shounen anime but Boku no Hero Academia knows how to hype someone up! Boku no Hero has what I love in Shounen, a lovable underdog trying to accomplish his dreams with his own two hands, no power of friendship bullcrap, I mean, it does have some friendship bullcrap but not to the extreme that other shounen will take it.

That’s why we are watching.

This season though is the tournament arc season, meaning that all of our favorite characters will be facing each other in a series of events for superhero supremacy! There is a lot at stake here friends, this is no simple high school sports event! The whole country is watching, especially hero companies. Heroes all over the country are scouting for their future sidekicks, and our heroes know this, so they’re putting it all on the table for the sake of their future careers, even our cute and adorable Ochako Uraraka is ready to bring it!

“I will eat your soul”

The Family Reunion.

Uchouten Kazoku, The Eccentric Family in English, was an amazing show that probably flew under a lot people’s radars and I’m so glad that it got a second season. Man, a lot of second seasons this spring eh?
While Tengus fly in the sky, and humans have their busy lives in their cities, a family of shape-shifting tanukis tries to have a carefree life, while trying to avoid becoming a tanuki hot pot.

It gets as crazy as it looks.

This season we are focusing more on the Tengu side of the story, something that I really wanted for them to explore a bit more. I would say Uchouten Kazoku is a special type of slice of life. Despite the craziness and outlandish nature of the characters, they are very relatable, especially if you have a large family. These little magical tanukis have to deal with very real family problems, like getting ready for that annual family event, living up to the expectations of their community, and dealing with the grief of loss.
Be warned though, this show is very heavy on the Japanese folklore. Some things might get a bit confusing if you’re not too familiar with Japanese culture, it is not as casual friendly in that aspect like other shows may be, like Attack on Titan, but the whole family dynamic compensates for that.
If you haven’t watch Uchouten Kazoku and Uchouten Kazoku 2 I really recommend them.

“Watch it, watch it, WATCH IT!!

That’s it for now if you want me to keep going with the rest of the anime season, or want me to focus one specific show, leave a message down below. Now I return to the deepest darkest corners of my dwelling goodbye, for now, my friends.


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