Thursday, May 4, 2017


By Corey Floyd

Over the last dozen years, we have seen a surge of Superhero movies and for the most part things are going pretty well. It would be better but you know DCEU can’t figure things out yet. But one thing stayed constant. Video game movies suck! Except for the first Resident Evil movie they have all sucked. At least until Assassins Creed came out. Despite popular belief this was a good movie. See here . There were some Independent Halo films. Forward Unto Dawn gets a lot of praise for its storytelling and Halo Nightfall Introduces us to Mike Colter who some of yall know as Luke Cage. Both were not bad they were just lacking the Big Budget overtop action that we need plus Master Chief.

There is already a very strong fan base worldwide. The animated feature Halo Legends displays Halo stories animated several different ways by teams from around the world much like the Animatrix from the early 2000’s. That further proves that this game series has a devoted cult following.
They want to make it so bad. Above you is a scene from Edge of Tomorrow. These are the power suits they use in the film in action you get a Halo vibe from them. Matter of fact here was the original concept art for the armor it might look familiar.
The crazy thing is we were very close to having Halo movie in 2009 with Peter Jackson at the Helm. No one to this day knows exactly what happened. They even found a good director Neil Blomkamp. Who had already made a short Halo film on his that rocked YouTube hard. But of course, there’s always something. Before a budget could be discussed for the project it was canned. Studio politics were to blame. Lucky Peter saw talent in Neil and gave him a chance anyway that’s how we got District 9 and Chappie. But where does the leave the Master Chief? Well I checked the IMDB on Halo and there not much there sad to say. There no release date there are no actors, producers, or a director. But there are two writers, Stuart Beattie and Alex Garland. Stuart Beattie is known for character and story writing for the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise and GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra. Alex Garland is known for writing Screenplays such as Ex- Machina, Dredd and 28 Days Later. This is a very interesting duo with their names attached to a diamond that is currently coal. I will remain optimistic.  If comic book movies are being taken seriously video games should be the next move.  I just don’t want it to be GAME OVER before it starts. 


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