Tuesday, April 18, 2017


By Corey Floyd
It was announced that DC had been reaching out to Joss Whedon to direct a Batgirl film. Joss Whedon for those who might not be in the know has been one of the biggest nerds of the 2000’s from 2 hit shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel and Firefly. He also was at the helm for both Avenger movies. Off these titles alone I feel he is more than qualified. Hopefully he writes the movie as well because let’s be honest the DCEU biggest problem is writing and Zack Snyder. With that being, it also raises the question. Is Zack Snyder throne at DC in trouble? In my opinion he needs to step down. Watchmen and 300 were great don’t get me wrong but it’s been a pretty slippery slope since. BvS was at many points just plain terrible. I don’t about everyone else but I might go see Justice League on a Half price Tuesday. I think his stance has never really been solidified when it comes to doing films well so someone should at least show him how it's done.
Meanwhile back in the casting chair who should play the part? Well I do have a few Ideas. Okay let’s start with the obvious Emma Stone. Despite her winning an Oscar for a really crappy movie (LALA LAND) she has proven that she can act. She can funny, compelling, lovable and downright hated. She has proven her worth in films like “ZombieLand,” “Easy A,” “The Help” and “The Amazing Spider-man” plus she’s like the Number one draft pick in most of Hollywood’s eyes.  
  Another pick is Jane Levy. Some may know from her role as Mandy Malkovich in Shameless or Mia In the 2013 Evil dead remake. I get a Killing Joke vibe from her or from at least from what I’ve seen in her performances. I think she could do that character arc. But as for an intro movie, honestly, I’m not sure. But apparently, she has a huge fan base that thinks she can do it.
 Zoe Kravitz is my third option. Now here at Amerime Media we like to give everyone a fair shot. So, if you think Batgirl can’t be black do let the door hit you in your ass on the way out. Zoe has shown that she is a star. She has been consistently working since 2007 and has been part of some big films, X-men First class, Insurgent, Mad Max Fury Road, The Lego Batman Movie, and Fantastic Beasts and where to find them. She is Everywhere and this is where she could go next. I believe she has the guts to wear the cape.
 I would be an idiot If I left out Chloe Grace Moretz. She has proven time and time again that she can do it all. She has been working in the business since she was 7 and now at 20 she has already taken her career everywhere and back. She has been in kid projects such as Disney’s Bolt where she played a Young Penny. Then she has also played a tortured high school student with special powers in Carrie 2013 (the movie flopped but that’s because it’s been done too many times but it was actually a good film). Of course, most of you might know her has Hit Girl From the Kickass franchise so I guess seeing her as Batgirl just got a little easier. Those are my picks. Have some of your own? Drop us a line on our FB, Instagram, Twitter and Don’t forget to check out our Youtube page.


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