Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Unconventional Love…. Movies

By Corey Floyd
Title: horizontal line

I hate Crappy love movies. I mean seriously they are the absolute worse. I would rather watch Fan4stic all day with the sounds on max. Okay, I’m lying about the last one but they are so predictable. Let's keep it real Titanic, The Notebook, the ugly truth. We all see them coming so predictable but in the wave of love movies, there are a few that stand out. They are really good and took a lot of different turns. I honestly didn’t think the ending would be what is was. 
Judd Apatow’s Knocked Up is one of the most surprising love stories I’ve seen. You have Allison played by Katherine Heigl is a busy reporter for E! And she has a crazy night on the town and runs into Ben Stone played by Seth Rogen a frugal. After a few drinks, they find themselves having a one night stand. Allison glad she doesn’t have to see him again until she realizes she is pregnant with his child. Now they are trying to date each other and learn about each other world their friends it leads to some pretty funny and very real situations and this film covers the entire pregnancy up to the birth but does their relationship? I won’t go any further because I want you guys to go out there and check it out it’s currently streaming on Hulu.
Ironically Seth returns in this blog with Zack and Miri make a porno. Now this one was written & directed by cult director Kevin “Silent Bob” Smith. Zack(Rogen) & Miri (Elizabeth Banks aka Rita Repulsa in new Power Rangers) are longtime friends that share an apartment together. Their finances are not in the best of shape and after hanging without with a gay porn star Played by Justin Long Zack has the Idea of making a porno and selling to make money. Yes, since this is a Kevin smith movie you will at least see 2 of his Clerk buddies in the movie but not as their characters. Okay so the raunchy level is extremely high on this one but so are the laughs. There are also a few moments of brutal honesty that you find in more comedies than any drama. Check it out it is currently streaming on Netflix.

Last but my personal favorite is Top Five. Out of my three selections, this one is the most recent. But it’s my favorite because it’s a meta film. Chris Rock plays Andre Allen a comedian who got super famous from movies who now want to do serious roles. Sounds familiar? (Cough Eddie Murphy) He is currently getting married to a reality show star played by Gabrielle Union who is the living embodiment of everything wrong with “reality” TV. As he goes throughout his day promoting his drama film about a slave revolt in Haiti he forced to do an interview with Chelsea Brown played by my personal bae Rosario Dawson. I love this movie. The cameos are awesome, Whoopi Goldberg & Tracy Morgan just to name a few of them. Also, this movie hits a major moment that I will tell you cause you most won’t get it. His movie about the Slave revolt bombs causes everyone went to see the latest Madea movie, now remember how Birth of a Nation came out in September and it was about a slave revolt but no one went to see it. The same week Madea’s Halloween came out ranked in $30million. Now how is this a love story you may ask? Well, you need to see it cause it's definitely in my top 3 it is currently streaming on Amazon prime. This is Amerime Media wishing everyone happy Valentine’s Day!


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