Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Timmy Turner out of wishes?

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Timmy Turner out of wishes?
By Corey Saltytruth Floyd
Title: horizontal line

I noticed the other day that fairly odd parents is being moved from their flagship channel to their sister channel Nicktoons in mid-January. That made my senses tingle a little so I look at the latest episodes and things aren't looking good to Timmy Turner. After being on the air for 15 years I think they are on their way out the door. Nicktoons is a sister station to nickelodeon where they show canceled shows that still have strong fanbases. Now they will be premiering the show on Nicktoons which does not host any show with new material this could be a ploy to get people to look at the channel more or Timmy Turner is out of wishes and you can’t blame Dinkleberg this time.


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